What Happened To BRUW From Shark Tank?

Cold brew is having a big moment. Often dubbed the livelier, stronger cousin of iced coffee, cold brew is a sippable delight commonly enjoyed by the more advanced crowd of coffee lovers. With its high concentration of caffeine, smooth character, and bittersweet flavor, there are several reasons why cold brew is one of the most popular café beverages on the market. Of course, some of the world's most well-known coffee giants, namely Starbucks, Dunkin', and Caribou Coffee, serve their own cold brew recipes. Plus, countless independent roasters have thrown their hats into the deep steep ring to create buzzworthy products all their own. However, one particular business is changing the homemade cold brew game — not just with a ready-to-drink treat, but with a user-friendly apparatus.

BRUW was founded by Max Feber, who launched his patent-pending cold brew filter on Kickstarter back in 2015 and raised $10,000 to get his project off the ground. Then, in 2018, when Feber was a college student, he appeared on "Shark Tank" to pitch his innovation and convince the serial entrepreneurs to invest in his enterprise. He won over Mark Cuban, who offered Feber $50,000 for a 30% stake.

The BRUW brand is still in existence today and has experienced plenty of growth, together with an acquisition by a tea company. Here's what's currently brewing.

BRUW has entered the iced tea arena

From day one, BRUW has prided itself on making the process of whipping up your own batch of cold brew at home foolproof. Not only does it help customers save money in the long run, but it also results in a customized indulgence without the unwanted bitterness that often comes with traditional cold brew. All you need is two mason jars, coarsely ground coffee, and the twist-on filter originally devised by Max Feber. Since Mark Cuban's investment, BRUW has further expanded its offering to include more than just the unique filter.

In 2020, BRUW teamed up with another "Shark Tank" investee, Jenni-Lyn Williams, the founder of Snarky Tea. Williams' tea startup caught the attention of Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary in the season before Feber and Cuban joined forces. Thirsty for a profitable partnership, Williams acquired Feber's brand, thereby introducing SnarkyBRUW to the masses. The new and improved filter was tactfully redesigned to strain both coffee grounds and tea leaves, appealing to an even wider audience of caffeine enthusiasts. In addition to the BRUW Infusion Filter, SnarkyBRUW sells an array of loose-leaf tea blends and other accessories.