Want To Try The World's Most Expensive Bloody Mary? Head To The Kentucky Derby

Although you could easily buy a Bloody Mary mix at your local grocery store, you could also treat yourself to the world's most expensive Bloody Mary, provided you can make it to Watch Hill Proper Bourbon Bar & Kitchen in Kentucky.

Watch Hill Proper teamed up with Zing Zang's canned ready-to-drink Bloody Mary to create a $1,149 drink using Zing Zang's spiciest Bloody Mary mix and Benton's bourbon, which already sets it apart since Bloody Marys are typically made with vodka. The drink also includes olive brine, horseradish, and lemon juice. As if the ingredients themselves don't sound fancy enough, the drink is served in a "24-karat gold leaf handblown crystal glass," per Watch Hill Proper, and comes with a silver stirrer made by the very same people responsible for crafting the Kentucky Derby trophies.

Beyond the hefty price tag and classy glassware, the drink becomes even more alluring when you consider the fact that it comes with an exclusive menu and an extra flight of bourbon, and, most importantly, only four Bloody Marys will be offered.

A Bloody for all sorts of big spenders

In the event you don't want to spent $1,149 on a Bloody Mary (relatable), even though it comes with pricey Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, a fried king crab corn dog, foie gras butter, caviar, wagyu rib cap nigiri, uni shoyu, black truffle, a duck confit and lion's mane mushroom croquette, and ramp and sour apple napa slaw, you have other options.

Watch Hill Proper will also be selling Bloody Marys for $350 apiece, each served in a commemorative glass. Featuring the same recipe as the $1,149 drink, these come with a different bourbon flight and two of the exclusive menu items offered. If $350 for a drink is still too steep, you can also opt for a $65 Bloody Mary, which comes with bourbon, a duck confit and mushroom croquette, and slaw.

Whatever drink you choose, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, an organization that helps "jockeys who have suffered catastrophic on-track injuries." It has provided jockeys with more than $11 million in aid since 2006.