The Best Way To Easily Remove Pie From Those Stubborn Metal Dishes

We've all seen them in the baking aisle at the grocery store and have likely used them for a quick, easy dessert — aluminum foil pie pans. While flimsy in appearance, these disposable dishes are a common choice for frozen treats, such as a refreshing watermelon pie.

However, the issue occurs when you attempt to remove the individual slices from the pan. Aluminum isn't the most even conductor of heat, which can leave some areas of the crust feeling soft and structurally unsound. Graham crackers and Oreo crusts are also tricky in that they tend to crumble at the slightest touch.

One TikTok user demonstrates an effective technique that guarantees the picture-perfect slice. Simply take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the aluminum along the sides of each slide. This allows you to bend the aluminum foil back in order to slide each piece onto a plate.

How to bake the perfect pie crust

However, the comment section seemed to have mixed reactions when it comes to this pie pan hack. Several users were concerned about not being able to reuse the dish. "I can already hear my husband's grandmother yelling at me for this!" wrote one TikTok user. Another wondered where you'd store the leftover pie, considering that the cuts could allow the filling to leak out. Transporting any additional pieces to another dish or container before covering them with plastic wrap will ensure that your dessert remains fresh for future consumption.


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However, you can make sure your pie comes out sturdy and easy to cut (without needing hacks) during the baking process. Those who are preparing their crust directly in the pan should opt for the blind baking technique. This reduces the risk of raw dough and ensures a crisp finish. Set the crust in the pan and line it with parchment paper. You can use dried beans, rice, or pie weights to keep bubbles from forming. Bake until the edges are a light golden brown. 

Since aluminum foil doesn't conduct heat as evenly as ceramic or glass, try setting it on a preheated baking sheet. The solid material will help direct some of the heat into the pie crust, but to ensure an even bake, leave the pie in the oven for a little longer than usual.