Taco Bell's Price Increases Are Leading To Unhappy Customers

Taco Bell ranks as one of the nation's most popular fast-food restaurants. Fans exalt the Mexican-inspired chain not only for its eccentric menu offerings but also for its affordable prices — or they used to, anyway. Many unhappy customers are frustrated with the brand due to recent price increases.

In 2018, Taco Bell slashed its dollar cravings menu, which boasted a variety of al la carte entrees for just $1 and expanded the price points on the menu to include items up to $5. Although the value menu remains intact, the price tag has gone up. The decision fell in line with market trends to eliminate or restructure dollar menus from fast-food restaurants.

While Taco Bell's dollar menu rebrand didn't cause too much of a stir among customers, the price increases persisted, leaving many Taco Bell fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Although the markups can be attributed to inflation, an increased cost of living, and ongoing supply chain issues, customers are still disappointed that the once reliably priced restaurant has hiked up the cost of a simple taco.

Taco Bell price increases are noticeable

Inflation has impacted every major industry across America — including the fast food realm. According to Market Scale, Taco Bell's prices soared by 14.6% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Although the average price for an item at the franchise is only $3.37, it's still a noticeable uptick from the prices that hovered around $2.80 in 2021, especially if you're eating on a tight budget.

Some customers have also noticed shrinking portion sizes to match the price increase. One customer on Twitter wrote, "The price increase and size decrease in tacos is disgusting" adding that, "Taco Bell is no longer for the poor." Another former Taco Bell fan on Twitter said that they actually "banned taco bell after the price increase" and concluded that "no way should one burrito cost 6.99 from a fast food place."

On TikTok, dozens of foodies are sharing Taco Bell hacks to help avoid breaking the break the bank. One food influencer suggests ordering a single menu item online where the restaurant gives customers the option to add a small portion of rice or potatoes for only 60 cents each. If you select the "on the side" option, he says, the restaurant often gives customers a larger portion of sides.

Taco Bell hasn't officially responded to the criticisms, and there has been no speculation that prices will drop anytime soon. Time to get creative, fellow Taco Bell enthusiasts!