Aldi Brings A Canadian-Classic Chip To Grocery Shelves - And We'll Be Right Back

If you've ever tasted poutine or the unique Nanaimo bar, then you already know that Canadians are kind of awesome at inventing snacks. When you consider that it's cold and blustery outside for months of the year and there's nothing for people to do but sit around inside enjoying an array of tasty bites, it makes sense that they'd get creative, even inventing what some think of as the best potato chip flavor of all time: all-dressed chips. "To say Ruffles All Dressed has a cult following in Canada is like saying it sometimes snows there a little," shared Frito-Lay Senior Director of Marketing Dana Lawrence (via Potato Business). It's a somewhat elusive flavor in the U.S., but thanks to Aldi, adventurous snackers now have a chance to try this classic Canadian chip flavor without having to head north.

Aldi's Clancy brand all-dressed flavored potato chips are now back in stores again (they were also spotted back in 2018). According to the product packaging, the flavor is "a mixture of barbecue, salt & vinegar, and ketchup...all in one bite," and the reviews coming in are pretty positive. "Clancy's All Dressed potato chips are phenomenal," shared one snacker on the Aldi subreddit. "This is my new favorite flavor of chip," shared another. "They literally taste like everything all at once!" But all-dressed isn't the only seasonal chip flavor at Aldi this summer.

Summer chips at Aldi

All-dressed potato chips aren't the only seasonal flavor available at Aldi this summer. The chain is also featuring potato chip flavors like fried pickle ranch, loaded bacon and cheddar, and spicy dill pickle, along with Mexican-style street corn flavored corn chips. Customers had positive things to say about these flavors, too. "The street corn ones are out of this world," one said on Instagram. "Fried pickles with ranch, loaded bacon, and the street corn ones are so delicious," shared another. But what if you don't live near an Aldi?

Trader Joe's has its own version of the street corn chips (which are called organic elote corn chip dippers), and in the past has also seasonally sold both dill pickle flavored potato chips and "patio" potato chips, which are a blend of the flavors you'd find in all-dressed chips with the addition of dill. Frito-Lay also technically sells Ruffles All-Dressed throughout America, but judging by what folks on Reddit say, the chip may not always be easy to find. It's still early for all of the summer items to roll out, but we wouldn't be surprised if the limited-time chip varieties at Aldi, Trader Joe's, and other grocers keep evolving as BBQ season reaches its peak.