You Can Now Drink A – Wait For It – Canned Espresso Martini Like Barney Stinson

Canned coffee has been all the rage for a while, especially in Asia, where it's been popular since the late 1960s. Canned cocktails may be a newer phenomenon by comparison, but they have been coming into their own in recent years. Espresso martinis have also seen a resurgence and even became the "it" drink of the early 2020s. Therefore, it's no surprise that these three phenomena have joined forces, and now, canned espresso martinis are hitting markets en masse. Several different brands of canned espresso martinis are available, not to mention numerous more pre-mixed ones in bottles. Kahlúa, one of the main ingredients in an espresso martini, has even started marketing a canned version.

The espresso martini that prompted us to name-drop Barney Stinson, however, is a new celeb-endorsed drink from Thomas Ashbourne, which also offers both canned and bottled Cosmopolitans, Old Fashioneds, Margaritas, and something called "Hardscatto," which appears to be a fortified Moscato. The new addition is called "The After Hours Espresso Martini," and its spokesperson is none other than "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris. Harris, it seems, isn't only a pitchman for the product but also partnered with the craft cocktail maker to help add this drink to its lineup.

Neil Patrick Harris is a big espresso martini fan

While Barney Stinson was always a Scotch drinker, Neil Patrick Harris is more of a martini man. Harris told People magazine that he likes to order these drinks in what he calls "a classier situation." He's particularly fond of the espresso martini even though it bears little resemblance to the original recipe, which features gin and vermouth. Harris also reminisces fondly about drinking one of these cocktails with his husband as they rode on the Orient Express, which is a real train and the setting of a famous mystery novel — and its various movie adaptations.

When it came time to jump on another train, one for celebrity-endorsed spirits, Harris felt that the espresso martini would be a "no brainer" for a ready-to-drink cocktail option. While easy espresso martini recipes utilize cold brew concentrate or even regular cold brew, Harris cited the difficulty of using an espresso machine or making coffee to serve the traditional version at home. Therefore, it's much easier to pop open a can and enjoy it. Beyond that, Harris likes how this drink gives people a kick of booze and a boost from the caffeine in a single beverage. Thomas Ashbourne's "The After Hours Espresso Martini," which comes in at 12% ABV (about the same as a glass of wine), is meant to be served over ice. And yes, James Bond fans, this martini can be shaken, not stirred.