The State (And City) With The Most Taco Bells

If you're hungry and only Taco Bell will do, there is no more convenient or accessible place in the country to grab that Crunchwrap Supreme or Mexican Pizza than in California. The western state boasts more Taco Bells than any other in the U.S. with 1,748 restaurants, accounting for nearly 11% of all of Taco Bell's 15,638 locations dispersed throughout the nation.

Texas comes in second with 1,394 Taco Bell stores. The Lone Star State has a Taco Bell for every 20,801 people in the state. Florida rounds out the top three with 940 Taco Bell establishments dotting the Sunshine State. Not coincidentally, the three states that are home to the greatest number of Taco Bell locations also happen to be the most populous states in America. 

Additionally, the South and the Midwest are major franchise breeding hot spots for Taco Bells, with eight of the top 10 states with the highest number of restaurants located in these regions. If you want to go to the city with the most Taco Bells, you should head to Texas instead of California.

We built this city on Taco Bell

You might think that a sprawling metropolis in California such as Los Angeles or San Diego might take the Chalupa Crown for most Taco Bell locations in a city, but that title instead belongs to Houston. Its 128 locations far outnumber that of the nearest competitor, Las Vegas, which to date has only managed to provide a measly 88 stores to serve gamblers and tourists alike. Houston also happens to feature the most KFC stores of any city in the country, which makes sense when you consider that Yum! Brands owns both of these fast food giants. Dallas also cracked the top 10 cities too as did Miami.

Perhaps one of the most surprising pieces of information gleaned from the top 10 cities with the highest number of Taco Bell restaurants is that not a single one of them was found in California. So, while California leads by a comfortable margin in most overall stores, these stores appear to be a bit more evenly distributed than in Texas. Regardless, you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking down a Taco Bell in California.