If Your Chipotle Order Is Like The Viral One Blowing Up Twitter, We Can't Be Friends

In what is perhaps meant as a not-so-subtle hint to some of its more demanding customers, Chipotle recently tweeted a text exchange where one person asks the other if they'd like anything from the burrito chain. Person #2 answers back with a reply that's nearly as long as the average Russian novel, requesting a burrito bowl with white rice and half a scoop of black beans (we're okay so far) and no juice (all caps on this, pretty emphatic) as well as ⅓ scoop pinto beans (now we're getting pretty specific) and two scoops of al pastor chicken. But wait, that's not all: They also want their bowl to have fajita vegetables (light), queso blanco, and corn salsa, plus some sour cream on the side. And some guac on top. Oh yes, and a "pinch of lettuce" as well, plus a tortilla. At this point, they then think to ask, "Is it weird if I also get chips and the pink Izze?" No, we'd say "weird" kicked in about 140 characters back.

Top comment went to Chili's social media team, which joked that there isn't anything worse than getting stuck behind a person with this detailed of an order at Chipotle. One Twitter user shared their mom's similarly complicated order. Another stated they'd flat-out block a person's number if they were to send over such a message. And number of commenters suggested the person with the very particular burrito request cut out the middleperson and use the mobile app to place their epic order.

Even Chipotle's secret menu isn't that complicated

If the super-complicated order above didn't faze you, that may be because you're a Starbucks barista who's all too familiar with having to concoct elaborate secret menu TikTok drinks. Chipotle, too, supposedly has a secret menu; fans have concocted several off-menu items and as far as we're aware, most Chipotles won't flat-out refuse to make them for a customer. The funny thing is, though, that all of these items are less complex than the order shown in the viral tweet.

One of the simpler secret menu items is a taco salad that consists of nothing more than a burrito bowl with extra lettuce. There are also "nachos" made by swapping the rice in a burrito bowl for chips, as well as a  double-wrapped burrito that comes with nothing more than an extra tortilla layer. Perhaps the most complicated creation is a quesarito that consists of a burrito with the tortilla replaced by a quesadilla. It can be kind of a hassle for Chipotle employees to make, particularly during a busy time of the day, but it's still nowhere near as bad as that order from hell that's trending on Twitter.