The Most Expensive Slice Of Wedding Cake Ever Sold Was Decades Old

While it obviously depends on what you serve, food is typically one of the biggest expenses for any wedding. This category includes everything from appetizers that circulate during the cocktail hour to late-night snacks — and, of course, the wedding cake.

Given the tradition of the bride and groom cutting the cake together, many couples are very particular about their wedding cake. That means they're often willing to pay a bit extra for a truly show-stopping creation. However, the most expensive slice of wedding cake ever sold probably isn't something you'd want to consider eating — given that it was over 80 years old at the time of sale.

Back in 1998, two individuals in San Francisco made Guinness World Records history. Their feat? Shelling out a staggering $29,900 U.S. dollars in order to purchase a single piece of wedding cake, packaged in a box and sold at auction. Though the crew at Sotheby's figured the sweet treat from decades past would fetch somewhere between $500 and $1,000, Benjamin and Amanda Yin were willing to pay a whole lot more for the item.

In truth, they were buying a slice of history. The piece of the cake in question was served at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937. The couple relished the romance that the purchase represented. They were willing to pay top dollar for a slice of cake that they would never even get to taste because of its connection to the historic event.

Dazzlingly expensive wedding cakes in history

While nearly $30,000 is certainly a staggering sum to pay for a single piece of cake, there have been a few other incredible culinary creations over the years that would have cost a massive sum to purchase (and that's not even accounting for any celebrity wedding cakes).

For example, Dallas' Delicious Cake designed and constructed a gargantuan nine-tier wedding cake for the 2010 Dallas Bridal Fair. The massive confection weighed in at over 160 pounds. Though any cake that big would command a hefty price tag, the $1.3 million that particular cake cost wasn't due to the price of butter and fondant. Rather, it was because the cake was also draped in diamonds and sapphires — 1,200 carats of jewels, to be specific.

The dazzling trend continues with other bejeweled cakes displayed at various wedding fairs and shows, including a $20 million gold-flake-and-diamond-embellished masterpiece, created by cake designer Nahid Parsa for a Beverly Hills bridal show. Another noteworthy mention is the $52 million eight-tiered cake with over 4,000 diamonds on it, created for a wedding show in Liverpool.

However, nothing quite compares to a custom order that multimedia artist Debbie Wingham designed for an unnamed couple's lavish combination birthday and engagement bash. That particular design featured pink, yellow, black, and white diamonds sparkling atop a 1,000 pound cake loaded with chocolate. The couple reportedly paid a whopping $75 million for the custom creation.