Costco's Newest Bakery Find Combines 2 Iconic, Creamy Desserts

Every once in a while, consumers are introduced to food creations that are mashups of two independently popular products: cronuts, brookies, cookie dough ice cream, chocolate peanut butter cups, and now at Costco ... lemon meringue cheesecake. Instagrammer @costcodeals recently shared a display of the store's latest confection, which features a tangy lemon filling, graham cracker crust, and a toasted meringue topping.

The sweet and sour power couple of lemon meringue pie and cheesecake has long been appreciated by baking enthusiasts and professional chefs. Gordon Ramsay will even teach people how to make his take on the rich dessert in a course that costs an equally rich £190 (about $237). But instead of spending a lot of pounds, Costco shoppers can buy a cheaper version that weighs a lot of pounds. The size of this pie is no joke! Weighing close to a whopping 4 pounds, the lemony cheesecake cost just $19.99 at the store where @costcodeals found it.

Many Costco shoppers think the lemon meringue cheesecake is a tangy delight

Costco's bakery team has been known to whip up pastries that grab people's attention and gain their fandom, whether it's the internet-breaking peanut butter pie or the Costco pumpkin pie that's rolled out for the holiday season. And the combination of two legendary desserts like lemon meringue pie and cheesecake seems to be out of this world, according to multiple shoppers.

"I tried it! Perfect blend of sweet and tart. It's soo good," a satisfied fan exclaimed. Another user cheekily chimed in with, "Who is in charge of their baking department? Give them a 4% raise!" However, a handful of folks expressed sentiments that are less than enthusiastic. At least one person complained about the long list of ingredients, which not only includes the usual suspects such as cream cheese and lemon juice but also items like palm oil and the plant pulp derivative microcrystalline cellulose, which is used in food to add bulk, prevent caking, or as an emulsifier. But people who are put off by the lengthy label could always try making a simpler alternative, like our five-ingredient lemon meringue pie recipe. To each, their own.