Instead Of Water, A TikToker Filled A Kiddie Pool With Nachos

Assembling the perfect party platter is no easy feat. When it comes to hosting a celebration, you want to ensure that your guests have plenty of tasty foods to snack on. While a charcuterie board or box of pizza is among the more conventional party foods to pick from, one creative mom of 12 has an unconventional party hack that folks might not only love (or hate) for the ingredients but also for how it's served. 

For a fun Cinco De Mayo-themed dinner, TikTok's @DoughertyDozen mom ditched her serving platters in exchange for a kiddie pool. But instead of filling it with water from the backyard hose, she filled it with tortilla chips, ground beef, queso, salsa, shredded Mexican cheese, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and sour cream for a #NachoPool.

Although she made it for her children, a Texas man from Austin proved pool nachos are for anyone when he served them at his 23rd birthday party. Although his guests cleared the entire kiddie pool, some of them cited concerns over how sanitary the massive nacho platter actually is. The Austinite told My San Antonio that his buddies were worried about the nachos being too "soggy" and "unsanitary." Although the Dougherty mom's kiddie pool nacho was all in good fun, social media critics blasted her over similar concerns regarding food safety and poor assembly.

The nacho pool received some valid criticism

Since all great nacho platters are layered so that even the chips at the bottom are smothered with sinful fixings, some nacho enthusiasts scorned the mom for not layering her nacho pool and instead dumping all of the ingredients on top of the chips, leaving the bottom layer of Tostitos naked and dry. One person commented on her Tiktok video quipping, "Way too many chips. We need triple the topping maam [sic]." Another expressed concern about all those kids "double dipping." 


Snackerty Board got upgraded to a #NachoPool for #CincoDeMayo #FridayNight #PoolOpening

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The Dougherty mom told Today that despite people's criticism, "The kids LOVED the Nacho Pool! We snacked on it for hours! They thought it was so cool." Besides, with 6 million followers, the busy mom is no stranger to user comments. She told Today, "As with everything you do on social media, there are mixed reactions, but I'm glad the majority enjoyed it and also a lot of people said they're going to try it this summer, so I thought it was great that it gave people a fun summer activity idea."

If you're considering assembling your own batch of backyard pool nachos, make sure to use an unused kiddie pool that hasn't been left outside, and it's a good idea to wash it before using it as a giant serving dish. Enjoy the platter under a covered space to eliminate the risk of bacteria transfer from insects, and try to reduce the amount of double-dipping if possible. It could be fun to get creative with your own iteration of the viral nacho pool, just remember — food safety always comes first.