Reddit Spotted Costco Selling Eggs For 99 Cents And We Are Jealous

Was it just a few months ago that we were all freaking out over soaring egg prices? For a while there, it seemed as if chicken eggs were well on their way to joining their piscine counterpart caviar in the ranks of elite gourmet goodies that only a mogul could afford. Now, however, egg prices are well past their peak and on the way back down. By February of this year, we were all excited when discount grocer Aldi started selling a dozen eggs for $2.99. More recently, however, one Costco shopper posted on Reddit about a find that's pretty incredible even by pre-bird flu standards: 18 eggs for just 99 cents! Sadly, this deal may already be over as we speak (or type) since it seems to be just a one-time markdown at one particular Costco. (No, we don't know which one, so you can't go rushing the doors to see if there are still a few cartons left.)

Some commenters, however, report similar markdowns in their respective necks of the wood. Apparently at one store in Tulsa, a dozen eggs could be had for 59 cents, while five dozen were priced at just $4.09. A grocery chain called WinCo also had eggs at one unnamed location marked 87 cents per dozen. Not all egg shoppers have been so lucky, though. One Redditor living in the Seattle area says that their Safeway is still charging $5 for a carton of 12.

Why sky-high egg prices are coming back down to earth

The reason why egg prices are coming down from previous heights is that, hallelujah, the bird flu epidemic appears to be over for commercial farms. This means more eggs are available for purchase. Plus this increased supply is working in conjunction with a drop in demand due to the fact that people typically don't do as much baking at this time of year. It's expected – or eggs-pected, to insert the obligatory pun – that the wholesale price of eggs may dip below a buck a dozen for the first time in two years. Whether retailers will pass these savings along to us, though, may depend on such factors as whether we're living in Tulsa or Seattle.

As for the extremely low prices spotted by some lucky Redditors, speculation is that the stores in question may have bought too many eggs and are now trying to get rid of them before they pass their sell-by date. As for the particular batch of 99-cent Costco eggs pictured in the post, one sharp-eyed Costco cognoscente pointed out that the price label bore the abbreviation EPC, which is purportedly short for "emergency price change." If this indicates that the sale was due to overstocking, it may not herald any amazing price change to come. Kind of a bummer that most of us missed out on that deal, but eggs are still cheap at twice the price so we won't complain too much.