For The Most Satisfying Grilled Cheese Pull, Add Mayonnaise

It's impossible to get tired of the cozy, delicious, and fulfilling grilled cheese sandwich. It's a sandwich that can be made by respecting a traditional homemade recipe, but its versatility also allows for some tasty creativity. TikTok user Farrah J published an unconventional take on grilled cheese, using fluffy sourdough bread and two separate spreads, one for the inside and one for the outside of the sandwich. Surprisingly, the recipe included mayo in a cream cheese spread for the sandwich's interior.

"Omw, this is divine," "I want this to be my last meal," and "You don't understand how much I need this," read some comments on TikTok about this scrumptious recipe. Someone even praised the TikToker because they "elevate the simple dishes and turn them gourmet," especially for the clever use of ingredients, including mayonnaise. This sauce adds creaminess, softness, and a nice touch of tanginess to the sandwich. This works as a great coating or replacement for butter in the grilled cheese sandwich, but can actually go on the inside, too.

Get creative with mayonnaise

Some say adding mayonnaise to the grilled cheese sandwich is the secret to unlocking crispier yet juicy results. TikToker Farrah J gave it a twist by adding it inside the sandwich. They mix cream cheese, mayo, and spices like garlic powder and Italian seasoning, and then put this spread over the slices of cheese inside the bread. Like most recipes, they use butter to coat the outer side of the bread so it browns in the pan. But in this case, they add garlic and shredded cheddar, then cover the skillet with a lid so the sandwich melts on the inside and crisps on the outside. 


The best grilled cheese. Ever. Who's ready for the recipe? 🥳

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You can also use mayo to replace butter on the outside. Mayo has a higher smoke point than butter, so it shouldn't burn as fast or easily. For even more satisfying results, try using a flavored mayo like red pepper, garlic, or basil to add extra flavor. You could take inspiration from Farrah J's TikTok recipe and add the flavored mayo to the inside along with your choice of cheese. However, for any mayo you choose, make sure to use a full-fat version, as lower-fat versions have more water in them and can bring soggy results.

Once you add mayo to your grilled cheese sandwich ingredient list, don't stop there: Try playing with different cheeses, switching types of bread, and adding ingredients like ham or tomatoes. Either way, mayo could create a tastier sandwich you'd want to make again and again.