Panda Express Is Sponsoring A Fellowship In Asian American Studies

Are you a Panda Express fan so dedicated to Asian American studies that you've dedicated your profession to it? If you have a Ph.D. in Humanities or Social Sciences, an interest in and experience teaching Asian American Studies, get excited! Panda Express is sponsoring a fellowship in Asian American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania through its Panda CommUnity Fund, which was created to support organizations, nonprofits, and schools through various outreach programs and fundraising.

Per the application, the one-year fellowship — which could be extended to a two-year position — is based in Philadelphia and takes place in partnership with the University's Program in Asian American Studies. The fellow will be responsible for teaching an Asian American Studies class, planning a workshop relative to their studies, and staying involved in the program's events and goings-on. Some courses currently run through the program include Asian American Literature, Asian Americans in Contemporary Society, and The Asian American Entrepreneur.

Panda Express' CommUnity Fund focuses on supporting the AAPI community

In addition to sponsoring the new fellowship role at the University of Pennsylvania, Panda Express' Panda CommUnity Fund has previously shown its dedication to the Asian American community through different programs and donations that focus on helping diverse and marginalized people. When first founded in 2021, the fund initially donated $1.5 million to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations that promote acceptance and offer assistance, per a company press release. In 2022, Panda Express sold clothing to aid those facing food insecurity. Since its inception in 2021, the Panda CommUnity Fund has donated almost $5 million to different groups within the United States and has supported over 50,000 organizations. 

Social media reactions regarding the fellowship have been very positive. One Twitter user commented on a Tweet discussing the fellowship position, claiming, "If selected, I'll bring both the fried rice AND the lo mein to this prestigious institution." Another Twitter user responded, "That's awesome that Panda sponsors it!"

According to the position posting, the fellow will receive a stipend of $65,000 as well as benefits and funds for relevant research projects. If you're interested in applying, you'd better get going on your application, as the fellowship position starts on July 1, 2023.