The Viral Hack That Makes Cutting Pesky Pineapple A Breeze

Fresh summer produce, like melons and tropical fruit, are just some of the perks of easy summer living. Pineapple hits its peak ripeness between May and July, making it a late spring and summer staple. For some, the major issue with the spiky fruit is just how the heck to cut it. There are several methods, from slicing the ends off and removing the skin, to cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh. While these are all fine and good, thanks to Instagram, we have a new, more interesting way to serve up individual slices. Instagram user Wayne Shen shared a unique pineapple-cutting video that is guaranteed to help you "eat pineapple like a pro."

If you've ever wondered if you're eating pineapple wrong, the answer is probably yes. The Instagram video starts off pretty tame, with the pineapple's crown and bottom being cut off. Next, the pineapple is sliced in half the long way. With the cut side down, several angled cuts are made diagonally, in line with the spiky sections of the fruit. Then the pineapple is turned 90 degrees and sliced again. The result is several perfectly sliced pineapple spears, complete with the skin for holding, so as not to get your fingers sticky. People quickly flooded the comment section with their thoughts and they were very split on whether it was genius or a gimmick.

You have your pineapple, now what?

One of the major benefits of cutting the pineapple like Instagrammer Wayne Shen is that it creates individual slices that are the perfect finger food. You won't have to worry about sticky pineapple juice running down your fingers. You also avoid a sticky mess all over the counter. However, it leaves the core intact, a common complaint of those who eat the fruit. The core isn't succulent and juicy like the meat, but hard and tough to bite into. Even though you should be keeping the core for its nutritional benefits, many people simply don't love biting into it. One person commented on the video, "But you left the whole stem in there which isn't nice to eat."

No matter which side you fall on, once you have your pineapple cut, there are several ways to enjoy the sweet fruit, both in savory and sweet applications. If you're doing some outdoor grilling, throw a pineapple slice over the flame for an explosion of flavor. When pineapple is grilled, the sugars caramelize, making the sweet fruit taste even sweeter. When it comes to savory applications, the "Does pineapple belong on pizza?" debate rages on. If the thought of pineapple pizza appalls you, you might try pineapple salsa or even pineapple fried rice. And if figuring out how to slice into a fresh pineapple still feels too overwhelming, you could always purchase pre-cut or canned pineapple, eliminating the need to slice it all together.