Starbucks Fans Are In Shambles Over Alleged Swap To Paper Iced Coffee Cups

If you order an iced coffee from any coffee shop, you're probably used to having it served in a plastic cup. But that may not be the case anymore, as a recent video going viral on TikTok has Starbucks fans wondering if their location will be the next to transition to using paper cups for cold drinks. TikToker Brad took to the social media platform to share their gripes with the cold drink swap. Posting a video while walking down the street and holding a paper Starbucks cup with coffee stains on the sides, Brad calls the cups "out of control" and "not rich."

While the complaint might seem slightly petty, coffee cup manufacturer MTPak states that paper cups are not the most appropriate container for iced beverages. The company explains that the condensation from cold drinks can cause paper cups to disintegrate right in a customer's hand. This could leave customers who like to savor their drinks and sip slowly with a soggy mess.

'This is not rich'

The viral TikTok has already garnered over 1,400 comments and 188,000 likes, and many seem to share Brad's sentiment. One person wrote, "Sorry but I will not be touching an iced beverage in a paper cup," while a user named taniaj chimed in with "Please tell me this isn't real," followed by a crying emoji. (Taniaj's comment already has 350,000 likes.)

Starbucks sent a statement to Mashed responding to the TikTok, explaining the company has no current plans to switch from plastic to paper cups. Starbucks shared: "The customer has a fiber-based paper cold cup and lid, which are being used only in the city of Montreal in Quebec to comply with the city's single-use plastic ban."

Montreal isn't the only city that uses paper cups for its iced drinks; A TikToker from Europe shared Brad's complaint. User Coraline posted a video drinking from what appears to be a paper Starbucks cup with an overlaying caption noting that, while they acknowledge the use of paper cups is for environmental purposes, they're still not a fan. "It is 100 degrees and here I am holding a soggy cup of iced green tea lemonade. I'll still drink it. But the drinking vessel is terrible," Coraline wrote.