A McDonald's Chicken Nugget Bouquet Is Kind Of The Perfect Wedding Accessory

Most brides opt to carry flowers for their big day. However, some people have been known to get a bit creative with their wedding bouquets — some walk with fruit, others opt for lanterns, and some winter brides choose bouquets made from pinecones.

But one person from Singapore planning their wedding has shared a perhaps unprecedented and certainly original bouquet on their TikTok account: One made from McDonald's chicken McNuggets and accompanying sauces. The TikToker, Agnes, AKA @only_148cm, posted a video of themself putting an invitation to their wedding in a mailbox, then shared the surprise chicken McNugget bouquet McDonald's sent back. The bouquet consists of individual nuggets and sauces on sticks arranged in true bouquet fashion and placed in a container wrapped with pink paper and a bow. The bouquet included a note that addressed the couple as Daryln and Agnes and read in part: "Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing both of you a blissful marriage." Agnes included in the comments of the post that they included "a heartfelt letter on how special Mcd means to us" with the invitation.

McNuggets make for a special McWedding

Judging by the reactions to Agnes' social media post, it seems as if their followers couldn't be more excited about this chicken nugget bouquet. Some people had questions about this unconventional wedding choice; one commenter chimed in asking if the curry and barbecue sauces in the bouquet were real, and Agnes confirmed they indeed were.

TikToker Agnes isn't the first to send a wedding invitation to a well-known food or beverage company. Another TikToker, @ali.that.girl, sent Chipotle an invitation to their wedding, asking for free food. Chipotle declined. (One of the other companies she invited, Blue Bell, did end up offering the couple free ice cream.) TikToker @BriKassman, on the other hand, sent an invite to Tito's Vodka and received a gift of two stickers and two custom engraved copper mugs along with a handwritten note offering congratulations.

While this McDonald's chicken McNugget bouquet might not keep until it's time to walk down the aisle, we think it might possibly be the best kind of bouquet out there — after all, you never know when a snack craving will strike.