How To Watch Guy's All American Road Trip Without Cable

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Next week, Food Network's rockstar, Guy Fieri returns to his quest for Flavortown, eating his way across America in "Guy's All-American Road Trip." The hit show is back for another round after the mayor of Flavortown took his family and friends on a food-packed, RV-bound adventure through the Pacific Northwest last season. On the road, the motley crew — which included Fieri's wife and two sons — enjoyed jet-boating, ziplining, and everything from ceviche to retro diner milkshakes.

Renewed after last season's success, Season 2 is likely to hold more of the same, though this time the Fieris and co. are exploring Appalachia. According to the season's episode descriptions, it looks like the group is in for more family competitions, plus they'll get to try popular regional eats like fried chicken, gourmet mushrooms, and BBQ. Expect a trip to Dollywood, and a road trip dripping in Americana — both the edible and non-edible kind. 

The Season 2 premiere, titled "Food, Trucks & Fast Cars," is set to air on the Food Network on Friday, June 2nd, 2023. For those who don't have cable, a variety of streaming and VOD options are available to keep up with Guy and his cohort. Watching with these options only requires a video-capable device and an internet connection.


One alternative for those who don't have cable is to use a DirecTV subscription, which gives access to Food Network programming including "Guy's All-American Road Trip." The company lists four tiers of channel packages on its website, starting with the DirecTV Stream Entertainment package at $64.99 a month, which allows viewing on TVs, laptops, and mobile devices. Watching DirecTV no longer requires a satellite dish; the company offers the option to deliver the same shows and programming to your existing internet. Viewers can watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Guy's All-American Road Trip both as it airs and on demand.


Cable-free viewers can also watch the upcoming season of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" on television streamer FuboTV. The baseline "Pro" subscription starts at $74.99 per month, offering access to more than 100 channels, including Food Network. If you can't watch the episodes live, FuboTV also offers viewers the option to record the new episodes of the show to their Cloud DVR and watch later on any device. As far as which devices you can watch on, some of the options include Roku or Apple TV, computers, smartphones, tablets, and Xbox consoles.


Another TV streaming service that will allow fans to follow Food Network's newest season of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" is YouTube TV. This live TV streamer is separate from YouTube's free video streaming platform. Instead, it is a paid service that would give viewers the chance to follow along with Season 2 as it airs. YouTube TV's "Base Plan" subscription is $72.99 per month, including unlimited DVR hours for those who want to record episodes, and up to 6 accounts on one plan, in case you have other friends or family members interested in watching the Fieri family's antics.


Season 1 of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" is offered on the streaming service discovery+, allowing viewers to dive into the Fieri family's previous culinary adventures. Available for $4.99 a month with ads and $6.99 a month for ad-free viewing, discovery+ has both originals and content from existing cable channels like Food Network. It's unclear if Season 2 of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" will come to discovery+ or if Season 1 will make it to the newly formed Max service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Subscribers should check the services as the season airs to stay updated.


"Guy's All-American Road Trip" Season 1 is also available to view on Vudu. The website and app have no monthly subscription fee. Instead, it is an on-demand platform that offers viewers the chance to buy or rent TV episodes and movies. Those interested in catching up on last season's action can buy individual episodes of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" starting at $1.99 in SD or $2.99 in HD. The full season currently sells for $6.99 in SD and $9.99 in HD. Stay tuned to see if Season 2 ends up on the platform as well.

Amazon Prime Video

For cable-free fans looking to catch up, Season 1 of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Episodes can be bought individually for $2.99 in HD and $1.99 in SD. If you're interested in binge-watching the full season, you can do so in HD for $9.99 or SD for $6.99. Those with and without Prime memberships can make video purchases and rentals. While Season 2 isn't currently available, consumers can check whether it gets added to the streaming platform after the season airs.

Apple TV and iTunes

People searching the Apple TV website for was to watch Season 1 of "Guy's All-American Road Trip" may have noticed that the site says it's available on iTunes. As fans of the brand may already know, Apple announced in 2019 that it was phasing out the service. However, they can access their iTunes libraries and buy or rent shows via the Apple TV app. PC users, meanwhile, can still download a version of iTunes that's compatible with Windows 10, which will allow them to make purchases. While Season 2 hasn't aired yet, viewers can keep an eye out in case it becomes available in the future.