46% Of People Prefer One Particular Coca-Cola Flavor - Mashed Survey

Back in the olden days, your grandparents had but a single flavor of Coke with which to refresh themselves. In 1985, however, Cherry Coke came onto the market, followed by a bunch of other Coca-Cola flavors. Some of these, needless to say, have been more successful than others –- Black Cherry Vanilla came out in the early 2000s and only lasted a year and Blak, an early attempt at a coffee-flavored soda, didn't last much longer.

Of the numerous different Coke flavors still available today, though, which is the fan favorite? A recent Mashed poll was able to provide a pretty definitive answer to this question. According to 46% of our readers (and video watchers), our grandparents were onto something: The very best kind of Coke is the original version. (Well, not the very earliest version from the 19th century, since this contained a certain stimulating substance that is now very much against the law.) So popular is the classic version of Coke that over the past two decades it's made up nearly 20% of all U.S. non-alcoholic beverage sales and comprises over a quarter of the Coca-Cola Company's net worth.

How the other half voted

Our poll, too, proved to be pretty popular, as approximately 19,000 people took the time to click on their preferred Coke. While nearly half of them voted for the original, that still leaves quite a few thousand people who opted for a different flavor. The number two spot, with 18% of the vote, went to Cherry Coke. This, as you may recall from the previous slide, was the very first alternate flavor to hit the store shelves. Look for a 40th-anniversary celebration coming up in 2025, as the Coca-Cola Company surely won't let such a momentous occasion pass unnoticed.

Third place, however, went to another no-flavor Coke: Coca-Cola Zero, which tastes like regular Coke, only with the saccharine taste of artificial sweetener, Diet Coke, which is a bit different from Coke Zero but still fairly similar, seems to be somewhat less popular as it was favorited by only 11%. In last place, with a mere 9% of the vote, was Vanilla Coke. This flavor has been around since 2007, though, so it doesn't seem to be too unpopular with the general public.