Your Homemade Chicken Salad Doesn't Have To Be Served On White Bread

Chicken salad is a tried and true recipe that lunchtime connoisseurs have enjoyed since the 1800s. Typically, chicken salad is made with pulled chicken, chopped celery, mayo, lemon juice, and, if you're feeling zesty, red onions and diced grapes. If you're not eating it straight, many people serve chicken salad on white bread for a creamy, protein-rich sandwich. But thanks to kitchen innovators on TikTok, there's a whole new way to prepare chicken salad — as a tostada.

A chicken salad trailblazer on TikTok shared a video of her Mexican-inspired chicken salad with some unique ingredients. Instead of the more traditional recipe, she combined shredded rotisserie chicken with boiled carrots and potatoes, corn, jalapeños, celery, shredded lettuce, garlic salt, mayo, and Tapatio hot sauce to finish. Finally, she piled the spicy chicken atop a crispy tostada tortilla for a hot, flavorful, and downright crunchy iteration of the original recipe that rivals the softness of classic white bread.

Although it's an unconventional recipe, comments under the video were beaming with inspiration. Echoing our own sentiment, one user said, "This would be something I'd eat for the rest of my life. So many ways to enjoy."

Other ways to remix a classic chicken salad

Although it's been around for centuries, there's nothing wrong with expanding a timeless recipe to match the tastebuds of a modern chicken salad aficionado. If chicken salad tostada doesn't speak your flavor palette, there's plenty more to explore.


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If you want to try the spicy chicken salad tostada recipe with less crunch, you can try wrapping it up in a soft tortilla for a burrito instead. If a Mexican chicken salad doesn't speak to your tastes, try switching up the core ingredients and assembling it between two croissants for a French revision. You can even take the croissants to sweet new heights by rolling them out, searing them on the grill, and drizzling them with honey — this hack works particularly well with chicken salad made with grapes.

Other chicken salad bread alternatives include sourdough, soft pretzels, potato rolls, and you can't forget focaccia! If you prefer eating chicken salad right out of the bowl but still want to add some carbs, crush up some breadcrumbs for a crunchy, carby texture without using traditional slices of bread.

Whichever way you choose to assemble your chicken salad, just remember, the sky is the limit!