How To Score A Free Dunkin' Donut For Donut Day 2023

National Donut Day is here once again. (Although, there are actually two National Donut Days celebrated in June and November.) To mark the summer occasion, celebrated on June 2, Dunkin' is giving out free donuts. Here's how customers can snag themselves one. 

While the donut is free, customers still have to make a purchase. In order to get a free donut, you must buy one of Dunkin's beverages — whether it's Dunkin coffee or another offering. To get the best savings at Dunkin', you can buy a small coffee for around $1.59 unless you want a large iced macchiato for $4.19. While you may only be saving around $1 for a donut, every dollar counts in this economy, especially with rising food costs

Besides purchasing a drinking, customers are limited to selecting from Dunkin' classic donut flavors. However, that still offers a wide variety of everything from chocolate glazed to jelly-filled. 

Social media celebrates National Donut Day

If you're planning on hitting Dunkin' for National Donut Day, you may encounter long lines as free donuts actually lead customers to spend 57% more on donuts than usual, according to USA Today. The donut and coffee chain's announcement of the holiday has already drawn excitement from users on Twitter. One energetic user wrote, "I'm gonna hit up all 90 Dunkins within a mile of my house!" Meanwhile, another hopeful commenter will surely have their hopes dashed, writing, "Will we get unlimited donuts for free?

Of course, Dunkin isn't the only place recognizing National Donut Day. The donut chain faces some stiff competition from both Krispy Kreme and Duck Donuts, which both have their own promotions as well. Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts and selling a dozen glazed for $2 if a customer buys a dozen at the normal price. Meanwhile, Duck Donuts is offering a free cinnamon donut to customers. Wherever you end up on National Donut Day, be sure to celebrate.