Reddit Hilariously Called Out The Loudest Hell's Kitchen Contestants

Cooking competitions can be high-stress environments, so it makes sense for the contestants of "Hell's Kitchen" to become riled up from time to time. Fans of the show know this for a fact, which is why they took to Reddit to vote for the loudest "Hell's Kitchen" competitor the show has ever seen. The thread, which was posted on the r/hellskitchen subreddit, asked the community for a "tier list based on how loud they scream in confessionals." The comments section didn't disappoint, as hilarious answers began rolling in.

"Van wasn't exactly a church mouse," wrote one Reddit user. Heralding from Dallas, Texas, Van Hurd appeared on both Season Six and Season 17 of the show. Though he may be nominated for one of the show's loudest contestants by fans, he didn't win "Hell's Kitchen," finishing sixth and 10th respectively. Hurd eventually moved to Connecticut after his first appearance on the show. 

Tennille Middleton was another name that fans threw out there: "Tennille did every single confessional as if she was typing it in all caps." Also appearing in the sixth season, Middleton almost won it all, finishing fourth place, but her personality on the show rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

Though votes came in for several other contestants, a clear winner quickly emerged in the form of Dana Cohen. "I wasn't sure if Dana was hammered in her confessions or had undiagnosed hearing loss," read one comment. Here's why fans think she may be the loudest contestant.

Though other contestants agree, Dana Cohen has went on to be successful

Dana Cohen, the fan-proclaimed loudest contestant on "Hell's Kitchen", began her journey in a New Jersey restaurant in her late teens.  One fan had a theory that the show's producer asked her to be loud for entertainment purposes. This was possibly confirmed by a second Reddit user who claimed Dana's screams felt "strained and artificial."

Her yelling may have been partially justified, as she was voted out in third place in the 10th season and eighth place in the 17th. In total, 18 contestants compete in each season. Despite not walking away with the title, she has gone on to have a rewarding career. As of 2018, she was the Corporate Marketing Chef for Unilever Food Solutions North America.

It wasn't only the folks on Reddit that complained about Cohen's raised tone. It became a blog topic for one fan, who had very strong feelings about Cohen's behavior. The fan wrote, "She screams at the camera in confessionals the way an 80-year-old screams into a cell phone." In fact, they believed Cohen's only purpose on the show was to yell, though they admitted that she was a decent chef. Gordon Ramsay echoed this sentiment in season 10, when he named Cohen "the scallop queen." Even though Cohen might be loud, it seems her success is even louder.