Buc-Ee's Is The Ultimate Destination For Your Dirty Soda Needs

Dirty soda continues to capture the nation, thanks to social media users and celebrities embracing the trend. America's gas stations and a number of food brands have noticed — and Texas foodie haven and gas station destination Buc-ee's has now joined in on the fun with a number of online personalities promoting the mixture at the store. Dirty soda is made by adding other ingredients to soda, like dairy products, syrups, teas, fruit purees, and more. The concept has captivated the imaginations of people, as sugary carbonated beverages generally face a decline in popularity nationwide, according to CNN. Anyone who has ever mixed their soft drinks at a soda fountain together gets the idea. 

It makes sense that Buc-ee's would become a hotspot for the dirty soda trend, considering the mega gas station features soda fountains with multiple product brands, like Pepsi and Coke, as well as its own popular brand of soda. Buc-ee's own flavors include pineapple creme, orange dreamsicle, peach, cherry lime, root beer, and more. You can even get creative by adding flavor shots such as vanilla or lemon. It is much more than your typical convenience store. 

The combos are endless with Buc-ee's soda fountains

New dirty soda mixtures are spreading online thanks to Olivia Rodrigo giving it national attention on Instagram, as well as countless dirty soda TikTok hacks. While Buc-ee's has not promoted the trend itself, social media posts frequently show users recording themselves making their own mixtures at the gas station chain. TikTok user @kellysimplyeats combined peach black tea, lemonade, and French vanilla creamer in their viral video, which has been liked nearly 200,000 times. Meanwhile, TikToker Amy Williams mixed a 3:1 ratio of Dr. Pepper and Buc-ee's piña colada soda. Dirty soda truly has no rules — the possibilities are endless.


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Buc-ee's massive locations accommodate dozens of soda fountains that can create unique blends of drinks. One Reddit user described Buc-ee's as what happens "when you apply the concept of Texas to a convenience store." Interest in the chain continues to rise, as USA Today ranked Buc-ee's in the top 10 U.S. gas station brands in 2021 and Google searches for the name increased over the past few years. The recognition comes as Buc-ee's expands outside of Texas, including stores in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more.