Vegan Deviled Eggs Look More Delicious Than You'd Think

It seems like plant-based foods are having their moment and are here to stay. Years ago, vegans may have been relegated to only eating salad, but now, there are endless recipes for translating almost any animal product into a vegan-friendly option. There are even vegan-friendly deviled eggs that may make your non-vegan friends do a double take. These deviled egg variations are made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

For those who aren't big fans of eggs or who are vegan, Yukon Gold potatoes make a great deviled egg dupe. @Healthygirlkitchen on TikTok showed viewers how to use the potato skins and the flesh to make vegan deviled eggs with vegan mayo, mustard, vinegar, and turmeric for color. When the mixture is placed back into the potato skins, it looks almost identical to a deviled egg, especially with paprika and dill added as a garnish. Vegans and non-vegans alike were quick to comment on the "deviled eggs," with several people lauding the hack as amazing. Others called the hack a glorified potato salad since it uses many of the same ingredients.

Even chefs like vegan deviled eggs

Cookbook author and actress Tabitha Brown has her own riff on vegan deviled eggs using mushrooms and chickpeas. Many people already use chickpeas as a substitute for eggs in baked goods, so it would make sense to use it as the egg yolk filling for deviled eggs. In her video, she uses mushroom caps soaked in pickling liquid for the egg whites and chickpeas for the filling. 

As with a traditional deviled egg recipe, she adds mayo, mustard, dill, pickle relish, and garlic powder. (While Brown doesn't specify if she uses vegan mayo, vegan or regular mayo can be used depending on preference.) She also adds some black salt powder to her mushrooms and filling. According to Brown, black salt gives the food an "egg flavor." Black salt powder is a favorite among vegans since it has an egg-like smell and flavor due to its sulfur content. 

Several commenters on Brown's video praised her vegan deviled eggs, with many adding they would make them even though they're not vegan. One user wrote that black salt powder can be found in Indian supermarkets and is surprisingly good in lemonade.