Costco Fans Are Dunking On A Biden Critic For Not Understanding How Math Works

Shoppers who are eager to buy more products for less money are likely fans of Costco, but buying in bulk doesn't mean shopping at Costco is necessarily cheap. The Skippy peanut butter you're eyeing is $12, but you get two 48-ounce containers of it. That chicken is going to cost you $150, but you're paying for 20 8-ounce packages, so it comes out to $7.50 each. So when @Lord4NM — aka Stefani Lord, a Republican member of the House of Representatives in New Mexico — went to Twitter to blame President Joe Biden for the high cost of her Costco shopping trip, many were quick to criticize her math.

"Thanks, Joe Biden!" she tweeted. "$799.38 for ONE full cart at Costco with 58 items and only 9 non-food items like paper towels, plastic bags, trash bags, and razors." One critic retweeted the post, writing "Costco sells items in bulk. 800 divided by 58 is 14. That means the average item you bought, in bulk, cost $14 dollars. Stop blaming Joe Biden for your faulty logic and horrible math skills."

But while the math made sense to some, others felt people were reacting too harshly to Lord's post. "An average maxed-out full cart used to be $400-500 a few years ago," another reply read. "What's in it of course matters... but on average it's up a lot. There's no denying it."

Inflation has caused prices to rise everywhere

There are definitely ways to save money at Costco, such as skipping the brand names when possible or signing up for Costco's weekly email featuring promos and coupons. But inflation has made everything more expensive at grocery stores, and the warehouse giant is no exception. To make things more frustrating for customers, 2023 has seen prices rising at Costco on staples such as eggs, butter, milk, produce, and coffee. But while many want to blame Joe Biden for the soaring prices, there are other factors at play. The avian flu, the Brazilian drought, and the war in Ukraine have all contributed to higher prices for many of our frequent purchases.

But over on Twitter, the tweets pertaining to New Mexico Representative Stefani Lord's Costco shopping trip continue. "It's not like she got one roll of paper towels and one razor blade," one person wrote in response to a retweet. "Razor blades are expensive anyway, but a Costco-sized package would be much higher because there would be more than what you get elsewhere. She probably has enough blades for a year!" Whether you sympathize with Lord or think she's being dramatic, there's no denying that with over 6 million views, her tweet has got people talking.