The Costco Meal That Fans Love Adding To Their Dinner Rotation

Costco is the ideal place to stock up on pantry items in bulk. However, the beloved retailer offers prepackaged meals, as well. Shoppers looking for quick and easy dinners can take advantage of the many meal kits in the store's deli section. And Costco lovers have been raving about one offering in particular — the Kirkland Signature Salmon Milano with Basil Pesto Butter. 

As its name suggests, Costco's hit meal contains three salmon filets with seasoning and basil pesto butter. Preparation consists of cooking the fish in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, as outlined in the instructions on the packaging. For many, this dish is a flavorful weekly meal that fits seamlessly into a busy schedule. Salmon also provides a significant amount of protein, combining nutritional value with convenience. 

As such, it's easy to see why the Salmon Milano with Basil Pesto Butter has become such a hit. It's even caught Kris Jenner's eye, with the socialite citing it as one of two food items she always purchases at Costco. She's not the only person to hype up the salmon entrée, either. 

What people are saying about Costo's Salmon Milano meal

Kirkland's Signature Salmon Milano with Basil Pesto Butter is catching the eye of celebrities and ordinary people alike, developing a cult following among Costco customers. Buzzfeed named it an "unexpected" fan-favorite item from the store, while Good Cheap Vino recommended it for its "easy" preparation. Southern Living writer Patricia Shannon dubbed the salmon entrée "the one food item I never leave Costco without," further emphasizing the convenience factor.

The salmon dish is making the rounds on social media as well, with creator @blakesmunchies trying it on TikTok. According to Blake, followers recommended the dish in his comments, another sign of its popularity. And by the time Blake concluded his video, he shared their sentiment. The creator confirmed that the Costco meal is indeed worthwhile.

"I'm not a big fish guy," Blake said, "but this was good." He jokingly added that he'd "bathe in" the pesto butter, an apparent highlight of the Salmon Milano meal.

With yet another person praising Kirkland's Signature Salmon Milano, members would be wise to give this item a try. It's an easy way to keep dinner rotations interesting, and it's not difficult to fit into a weekly budget.