A Peanut Butter Crunch McDonald's McFlurry Has Been Spotted – And We Want In

After the spring release of McDonald's Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry was a huge hit or miss for many, fans of the soft-serve ice cream and candy concoction began anticipating what the next McFlurry would be. While customers had been excited to try the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry when it was released for a limited time in February, it was time for something new to kick off summer officially. News of a peanut buttery delight was posted on June 21 by @Snackolator, an Instagram account that tries out new food products.

According to the @Snackolator, the new Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry will feature peanut butter cookies and chocolate pieces and debut in July. Ian K. from the YouTube channel Peep THIS Out! got the chance to try it out in January 2022 when it was being test-marketed in California. "Peanut butter is rich on this, wow," he raved in his review. "That's got to be a peanut butter cookie, maybe like a Snickerdoodle, but more elevated with peanut butter." The new flavor has been compared to the fan-favorite Reese's McFlurry, which should make many fans happy if it's true.

The new McFlurry could debut with the new Jalapeño burger

The two McFlurrys that McDonald's serves year-round are OREO Cookies and M&M's, so it makes sense that fans get really excited when a new flavor is announced. "Now FINALLY we get something good," one fan commented on @snackolator's post. "I hope this is true. Peanut butter makes everything better," wrote another.  

Even though one of the original McFlurry flavors was Butterfinger, it's been a minute since McDonald's has had a peanut butter-flavored McFlurry. There was also a Snickers McFlurry, but now it is only available in Cyprus, Pakistan, Hungary, and Malta. But an all-time favorite is actually the Reese's McFlurry, which consisted of broken-up pieces of Reese's peanut butter cups mixed in with the vanilla soft serve and topped with chocolate sauce. The flavor was so popular that both a Facebook and Twitter page was created in hopes of convincing McDonald's to bring back the iconic milkshake.

The Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry will likely stick around for about a month, and it should be perfect alongside the new Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Hopefully, the McDonald's ice cream machines are working when fans head to stores to try it.