The McDonald's Fries In Turkey Are Unlike Any We Have Seen Before

From sweet potato french fries at McDonald's Norway to shakeable seasoned fries at some locations in Asia — most famously at McDonald's Singapore, unique fry varieties seem to be cropping up more and more on international McDonald's menus with each passing year. The Turkish McDonald's menu isn't all that different from the U.S. version, though one intriguing addition introduces a type of fry unlike any other on the franchise's global lineup.

A recent TikTok video showcased a few of McDonald's Turkey's menu items, with a surprising appearance from the new crinkle fries, which resemble thick, crinkle-cut potato chips. The translation of the fries' name, Tırtıklı Patates Kızartması, is "serrated french fries," though it appears to be simply translated on the English digital menu in the video as "crinkle fries."

The TikToker admitted that there didn't seem to be anything "particularly Turkish" about the fries and called them "soggy and limp." However, she added that they were a "great carrier" for the spicy sauce. She also tried the köfte burger, a salted yogurt drink, the "Daba daba" chicken patty burger, and a blackberry McFlurry, though the fries stood out as especially unique compared to McDonald's other global offerings. Perhaps their closest comparison is the bygone "Miami Fries" from McDonald's Italy, which were also likened to ridge-cut potato chips in their appearance.

Crinkle fries aren't exactly what they sound like

While the name seems to describe crinkle-cut french fries, Turkey's unique fry option isn't fry-shaped whatsoever. It's not quite like the waffle fries that are available on several other global McDonald's menus either. The crinkle fries are closest to a sort of homestyle potato chip you might make yourself or order at an upscale burger restaurant.


trying Turkish McDonald's for the first time 🍟🇹🇷 I love eating at McDonald's around the world and exploring different countries' menus! McDonald's in Türkiye was a big surprise... #turkishmcdonalds #mcdonaldsturkiye #mcdonaldsaroundtheworld

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Most of the commenters on the TikToker's video pointed out the high pricing of the menu items but had little to say about the fry variety itself. Turkish McDonald's also offers classic McDonald's fries and onion rings, so maybe the new offering is less popular than those options.

A video review posted by an Australian YouTuber featured the Turkish crinkle fries soon after their 2022 release. He seemed to approve of the fries overall, giving them a 7/10 and calling for McDonald's to add them to the Australian menu. He described the middle bit of the fry-chip to be a bit soft, while the outside was crunchy, salty, and oily. We don't know if this relatively new addition is here to stay or will spread beyond Turkey. It also seems unlikely the fry will stand up against the local cuisine Turkey offers beyond the golden arches. For now, if you want to try the side, you'll have to hop on a plane to Istanbul.