Popeyes Is Giving Away Free Chicken Sandwiches — Here's How To Get Them

Lovers of Popeyes chicken sandwiches rejoice: the chain is offering a patriotic giveaway to celebrate the 4th of July and July 6 — National Fried Chicken Day. The online promo, which will be available from June 29 to July 9, allows customers to get an extra, free chicken sandwich if they order any chicken sandwich combo. In order to participate, you must order on the Popeyes website or official mobile app, though the deal will also come to DoorDash on July 3. According to the Popeyes ordering page, you must select your sandwich combo before redeeming the buy-one-get-one-free offer, which allows you to add any chicken sandwich free of charge.

Ever since the chaotic, much-hyped release of its chicken sandwich in 2019, the "Louisiana fast" chain has received praise for bringing its delicious fried chicken to a brioche bun. Popeyes has steadily expanded its arsenal of chicken sandwiches over the past few years, making this summer the perfect time to try one — or two — different chicken sandwich varieties. The chain now offers more than just Classic and Spicy chicken sandwiches, boasting a lineup that includes the Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich (in spicy, blackened, and spicy blackened varieties), and the recently permanent addition of the Blackened Chicken Sandwich. This unique sandwich, which Popeyes referred to in a tweet as "unbreaded and unbothered," has cultivated its own passionate fan base since its release. One Twitter user commented: "The blackened chicken patty is the best chicken patty I've had from ANY fast food place, hands down."

The buy-one-get-one deal seems too good to be true

It's hard to believe that Popeyes is giving away free chicken sandwiches after the madness of 2019 — when Popeyes fanatics lined up across the country to try the new chicken sandwich and the chain couldn't keep up with the demand. As the viral frenzy grew, there were reports of hungry crowds storming restaurants and even a lawsuit filed by one Tennessee man against the franchise for selling out of sandwiches (via ABC7). The sandwich was reintroduced later that year, but not without more chaos — there continued to be chicken sandwich-related fights, racist incidents, and even a fatal stabbing (via Complex).

Hopefully, Popeyes' deal will bring us together to celebrate the chicken sandwich that got everyone so fired up in the first place. However, it's hard to ignore the buy-one-get-one-free offer's larger place in the ongoing fast-food chicken sandwich wars, which has pit Popeyes against other fried chicken giants like Chick-fil-A as they contend for the trophy for the most-beloved chicken sandwich.

For those hoping to rack up their free Popeyes sandwiches by ordering multiple combos, the offer is capped at one free sandwich per order. This still means that you can sample an extra chicken sandwich from Popeye's extensive lineup for free, though.