Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Took Down A Steak Sandwich Critic With Just 3 Words

As the old adage goes: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Over the years, it has become more and more obvious that this is the mantra Gordon Ramsay lives by. The fiery British chef and restaurateur is arguably known just as much for his characteristic abrasiveness as he is for his culinary expertise, both of which he's displayed on television and social media. That said, gastronomic pros certainly aren't immune to harsh criticism from others, especially diners, fans, and of course, haters. For the most part, though, many of them know how to deal with backlash — often in humorous, honest, and humble ways.

Take Chef Ramsay, for example. The same charismatic chap who regularly insults contestants and throws all flavors of temper tantrums in the kitchen is able to contend with the ruthless judgment of his own work on occasion. A recent TikTok of Ramsay whipping up a luxurious steak sandwich received a less than stellar, overly analytical bit of commentary from a viewer, to which the notorious chef clapped back in a marvelously sarcastic, self-deprecating fashion.

Gordon Ramsay is obviously quite self-aware

If *chef's kiss* could be embodied in a single social media comment, it would be Gordon Ramsay's response to a petty steak sandwich dis. Master Chef Ramsay posted a video to his TikTok account to show his audience how to make an elegant sandwich with juicy steak, step by step with crusty ciabatta, pan-seared onions, handmade aioli, arugula, and garlic and butter aplenty.


No Idiot Sandwiches with this #recipe ! My delcious #Steak #Sandwich is perfect for summer ! Enjoy Gx #tiktokcooks

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The majority of the comments are clearly playful jeers toward Ramsay's visible skills. "Keep practicing, you'll get there one day," one user wrote. "This kid has potential!" another chimed in. But one eye roll-inducing comment (which has since been deleted, likely out of sheer humiliation) stood out among the rest: "Too much butter, wrong pan used. Didn't cook the steak well enough, poor choice of toppings. You should also never smack a steak like that." Ramsay himself acknowledged the snide remark with three words sharper than any knife: "Ok Gordon Ramsay."

Well done, Ramsay. Or should we say ... medium rare?