Zaxby's Unveils Carnival-Inspired Funnel Cakes For A Limited Time

Few foods are as emblematic of summertime carnivals as funnel cake. Sure, there's cotton candy, but what about the sweet, hot, greasy goodness of fried dough loaded with powdered sugar and whatever sweet toppings you desire? Zaxby's, a chain best known for its chicken, is getting in on the festivities by offering its own version of this classic treat, per a recent press release.

The Georgia-based company has expanded its offerings just in time for the official start of the season to include funnel cake, sparking hype and excitement amongst devoted fans. These funnel cakes are, of course, fried dough topped with a generous helping of powdered sugar and served with a caramel dipping sauce. They cost around $3.50 and are only being offered for a limited time.

There are many ways to enjoy this new Zaxby's funnel cake. In the press release, chief marketing and strategy officer Patrick Schwing described an intriguing combo that could be made when buying the item: "Guests are ordering our tender, crispy Chicken Fingerz with their funnel cakes and creating a sweet, savory combo reminiscent of the Southern staple chicken and waffles." Whether you pair this product with your favorite Zaxby's chicken order or enjoy it alone as a dessert, you'll have a classic treat on your hands regardless.

Zaxby's fans are eating them up

There seems to be a fair amount of enthusiasm for the funnel cakes online, both from eager fans and those who have already tried them. One person tweeted "Zaxby's funnel cakes 10/10." And the funnel cakes appear to be going particularly fast at some locations, with a few Twitter users reporting that they were sold out at their local Zaxby's.

There's also been some skepticism about these funnel cakes, as Zaxby's hasn't ever offered anything like them before. One other Twitter user wrote: "Like I can't believe I let y'all convince me that Zaxby's had funnel cakes that were good like that sounds so crazy when you say that out loud."


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A TikTok reviewer described the funnel cake as "a little bit underwhelming" due to its size, cost, and presentation. However, they praised the powdered sugar and deemed that, ultimately, the dessert is decent enough. Even so, the caramel sauce appeared to be a little bit less saucy than expected, congealing into one giant blob, though you'll have to order the thing yourself to see if this is a one-time issue or a general problem. Either way, if you're looking for an easy way to conjure up some summertime carnival spirit, this new Zaxby's dessert might very well be worth a try.