Viral Drinkable Cakes Take Boba To A Whole New Level

First boba tea's creamy flavors and chewy tapioca pearls took the spotlight, and the trendy beverage only increased in popularity as more shops began selling it. Next to hit the culinary stage was boba cake, an eye-catching bake featuring a sweet cascade of brown sugar bubbles spilling from the top or flowing from the inside of the cake. It only makes sense that the next boba iteration would combine the two into a drinkable boba cake, complete with its own little face on the front to entice those who love both desserts and all things adorable.

The viral milk tea confection has been giving the internet a serious case of cuteness overload, as creators attempt to make their own or buy them from custom cake shops like the Instagram-based bakery, MissGluttonSG. If you're wondering just how this creative cake is drinkable, it's because there is a hidden cavity in the center that holds a cup of boba tea snugly in place. The idea is to stick your straw right in the cake's center to drink your fill, only pausing to slice off a piece of the pillowy chiffon cake to continue the boba journey. Along with scrumptious-sounding ingredients like bubble tea-flavored whipped cream and marshmallow fondant, the sippable cake can also be packed with fresh fruits to balance out this unique dessert's overall sweetness. Great for birthdays or other fun special occasions, this recipe has a lot of steps, but will definitely be worth the effort.

Boba tea cake is worth all the work

If you're up for the challenge and want to test out this drink-slash-cake hybrid for yourself, the creative TikTok duo, Ms. Shi and Mr. He have got you covered with the full recipe. In a video showcasing the drinkable boba cake, Ms. Shi prepares the cake as a treat for her husband, who is so pleased with the finished product that he sinks his teeth right into it.

She makes the fondant by tossing a mountain of marshmallows into a bowl and microwaving for a minute. Mixing the now-melted treat with powdered sugar, Ms. Shi pulls and shapes the fondant by hand before tackling the fluffy cake tiers. The size of the cake is based on the size of the boba cup, so the baker makes four tiers in total, hollowing out the center of each with a cookie cutter. Ms. Shi whips up her milk tea-flavored whipped cream and spreads it onto each cake tier along with heaps of fresh mango, kiwi, and pineapple. After inserting the cup filled with homemade boba pearls and tea, she tops it with fondant and decorates it with a smiling face. It's both incredibly tempting and almost too cute to eat. The cake might seem like a lot of work, but the joy on her husband's face when he realizes he can poke a straw through the cake, and his surprise at finding delicious tea inside, make it all worthwhile.