Yes, Your Beloved Air Fryer Can Even Cook Up Sandwiches

Air fryers have become one of the biggest kitchen crazes to sweep the nation in recent years. These countertop gadgets, which behave similarly to convection ovens, can cook everything from pre-frozen snacks to fresh cuts of steak and vegetables. But air fryers can also be used to up your sandwich game as well. For one, using an air fryer to toast or broil a sandwich may be healthier than on a stovetop since air fryers use less oil.

To construct your air-fried sandwich, begin by buttering both sides of your bread, and placing the first slice on a small trivet inside the fryer. From there, it's as simple as layering your favorite cheeses, meats, condiments, and toppings, dropping on your second slice of bread, and letting it cook at 400 degrees F for four to five minutes depending on how high-stacked your sandwich is.

Be sure to flip the sandwich roughly halfway through cooking to ensure even brownness on both sides of the bread. Expect to lose a small amount of cheese during the process.

Which sandwiches are best in the air fryer?

We've covered a number of ways on how to get the most out of your air fryer, including a delectable grilled cheese recipe courtesy of Susan Olayinka of The Flexible Fridge. But obviously, not all sandwiches are built alike. With that in mind, here are a few tips regarding which melts would work best in the countertop convection cooker.

If you find yourself pining for a panini, prepare to be pleased. You can use the air fryer to crisp most cooked sandwiches you might normally toss into the oven or broiler. For instance, you can use the air fryer to crisp and melt a roast beef and cheddar sandwich, a Swiss and ham, or salami and provolone, just to get started.

Due to the structure of the air fryer, it's best to use a thin, flattish bread such as white or honey wheat, in order to maintain evenness while cooking. Obviously, you wouldn't want to air fry a sandwich that requires some items to be cold, such as a BLT or any other sandwich that utilizes lettuce as a go-to topping. For those meals, it's best to toast the bread and hot ingredients separately before assembling, which still provides an opportunity to put the fryer to use.