The Barbie Shake Trend Is Slaying TikTok

Who doesn't want to be Barbie? She got the car, the life, the clothes, the dream house, and a new movie to boot. As if all that wasn't enough, the girl now has her very own shake at Cold Stone Creamery. This beverage is really shaking things up online. In a TikTok challenge, customers are embracing their inner Barbie, dressing up like the famed doll after taking a sip from the shake. 

TikTok users are posting their videos under #BarbieShake, going from humdrum to fabulous with just a sip and a twirl. For instance, one TikToker, who declared the shake "actually pretty good," went from khaki shorts and a tee to full-on Barbie fab, complete with a blond bob, hot pink dress, and stilettos in tow. Meanwhile, another TikToker went through a similar change, going from taking a sip of the pink drink to decked out in a lavender top with a whole new attitude. Even their car was transformed into a hot pink to match the Barbie theme. 

To Barbie from Grimace

The current fad seems like the next phase in the evolution of the #GrimaceShake trend, taken in a more upbeat direction. TikTokers turned McDonald's promotion of its mascot's birthday into a horror movie, where people pretended to die after taking a swig. That trend predated the #BarbieShake challenge by about a week, but now the pendulum appears to have swung in a positive direction, more fitting of Barbie's personality. 


Tried the new Barbie Shake 💁🏽‍♀️👜🤭 #barbie #barbieshake

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Cold Stone developed a lineup of new Barbie-centric flavors in tandem with the much-anticipated summer release of the live-action movie (which will be released in theaters on July 21). The ice cream company collaborated with Warner Bros. and Mattel to create a lineup of Barbie-themed cold treats, all in varying shades of pink (of course). 

The funny thing is, though, that while Cold Stone has several new treats in honor of everyone's favorite doll, there is no official "Barbie Shake." The viral shake isn't actually on the menu. It's just an ice-cream beverage concocted with the Barbie-themed (All That Glitters Is Pink cotton candy) ice cream and whatever other additions strike a TikToker's fancy. But the inspiration is absolutely on brand — from the idea itself to the execution. Barbie would be pleased.