Snickers Unleashes A New Limited Edition Butterscotch Flavor

Sure, Snickers satisfies, as the jingle goes, but it doesn't just satisfy one way. Beyond its genius celebrity ads and packaging, the candy bar brand has branched out to offer a wide variety of types and flavors over the years. These efforts have included frozen ice cream bars and even a Hi-Protein version. This month, the famously filling candy bar is adding a new flavor that will give fans another option for warding off their hunger while appealing to their sweetest cravings. 

Mars Wrigley, the candy giant behind the beloved bar, is introducing a limited edition Snickers flavor: Butterscotch Scoop. Inspired by the old-timey ice cream flavor scooped into a waffle cone, the bar is essentially a classic Snickers bar with one major flavor twist. Milk chocolate, peanuts, and caramel are all here to stay, but the nougat is butterscotch flavored. Yes, the flavor is for everyone, but we have a hunch your grandparents will be especially interested in this one.

The flavor appears to be different from Snickers Butterscotch, which is sold in India and Australia, and also features butterscotch-flavored nougat. However, both bars are based on the classic sweetness of the brown sugar and butter-based confection. The bars will be available exclusively at Walmart starting this month in normal bar and fun-size varieties.

It's not just butterscotch, but butterscotch scoop

Butterscotch Scoop Snickers hasn't been tried by many yet, but early reviews praise the subtle buttery flavor of the Butterscotch that stands out from the caramel in the bar and will appeal to your inner grandma. The flavor fits into a sweet array of candy bars offered by the Mars Wrigley brand. Besides its classic original flavor, Snickers boasts Almond, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, and Peanut Brownie varieties, not to mention other strange limited edition experiments in the U.S. and abroad. 

In Brazil, the candy bar came out with limited passionfruit mousse, lime mousse, and caramel bacon flavors to appeal to local tastes. There are even cool coconut, lemon, and peach Snickers available in China. In the U.S. in 2018, the brand offered three limited-edition flavors that were themed around specific hunger-related moods — an espresso-laced Irritable? bar, a fiery hot pepper Wimpy? bar, and a salted caramel Indecisive? bar. While it was an intriguing concept, people haven't exactly been begging for the return of hot pepper Snickers.

Like these other limited edition flavors, Butterscotch Scoop will take a temporary seat at the table, giving fans a chance to decide if it measures up to the current lineup. Whether it tickles your summertime sweet tooth or leaves a lot to be desired, you can always reach for a classic Snickers instead.