Forget The Pantry, Store Your Oreos In The Freezer

The freezer, we've got to say, is one of our all-time favorite appliances. The main reason, of course, is that it lets us store food literally forever, or at least until a long power outage, whichever comes first. (Long, according to the FDA, being over 48 hours if the freezer is full.) This means that we can buy all of the Oreos our little hearts desire — which is way more than enough to clog our little arteries if truth be told – and stash them away to eat whenever we wish. And no, there's no need to thaw them. You know why? Because Oreos, believe it or not, taste even better if you eat them straight out of the freezer.

One gentleman explained his preference for frozen Double Stufs in a TikTok video, saying they tasted like "little ice cream sandwich[es]." He was equally enthusiastic about Oreos of standard thickness as well as thin ones. Other TikTok videos also extolled the virtues of frozen Oreo cookies, with one simply characterizing them as "so good" and another opting for those exact same words along with the info that "Everything just blends together." Another self-proclaimed "Oreo fanatic" expressed a similar opinion on Reddit several years prior to the TikTok videos coming out. They also felt that chilled Oreo filling takes on an ice cream-like flavor, adding "It blends really well with the salty cookie."

Oreos aren't the only dessert that tastes better when frozen

If you like, you can have your frozen Oreos as cake and eat them, too — Oreos can be used as a crust or mix-in for homemade ice cream cake, while we also have a recipe for a strawberry Oreo icebox cake. Even if you're not an Oreo fan, plenty of other desserts are best eaten straight from the freezer and we're not even talking about ice cream. We are, however, talking about pudding, since in its unfrozen state it has a texture that doesn't appeal to everyone. When frozen in popsicle molds or individual cups, though, it becomes a delightful, dessert reminiscent of frozen custard (or fudgesicles, if the chocolate-flavored kind). Cheesecake, too, may take on an almost ice cream-like consistency when frozen, while a frozen layer cake can be sliced super-thin and enjoyed as a crunchy, creamy treat.

Chocolate, in particular, lends itself well to being frozen, as we've already seen with Oreos. Frozen brownies are extra-fudgy, while frozen chocolate bars — supermarket ones like York Peppermint Patties, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Snickers — have a lovely snap to them. Thin Mints, too, are another classic chocolate freezer snack. Even Chrissy Teigen, no fan of Girl Scout cookies, concedes that this variety (along with chocolate-striped Samoas) improves considerably when frozen, while one more TikTok Oreo freezer says the frozen mint-flavored Oreo Thins are an exact flavor dupe.