Even For Us, Burger King Brazil's Barbie Burger Is A Step Too Far

Fast food collabs with movies and TV shows can draw customers, so it's not surprising that Burger King Brazil is attempting to capitalize on the Barbie craze given the upcoming movie release. Burger King Brazil announced the arrival of its BK Barbie Combo on July 12, telling followers on Instagram and Twitter to come get the limited-time offering. The combo contains a Pink Burger, Ken's French Fries, and a Barbie Donut Shake. It all comes in a cute pink box with "Barbie Land" printed on the side.

The Barbie Donut Shake is probably the most compelling part of the BK Barbie Combo, offering customers a vanilla shake mixed with Nesquik. It's topped with a pink-frosted donut, giving Barbie lovers the ultimate dessert combo. Meanwhile, Ken's French Fries are the least interesting aspect of Burger King Brazil's new collab. Apart from the Barbie box they come in, they're just a regular order of fries. Given the live-action film's "He's Just Ken" tagline, the plainness might be the joke. Still, comments on social media suggest customers were hoping for more.

Finally, the Pink Burger might be the most troubling part of the BK Barbie Combo. It includes bacon and what BK Brazil is calling a "smoky pink sauce" on an otherwise ordinary cheeseburger. The pink sauce is likely a dyed condiment — maybe mayonnaise — that tastes completely normal. However, it gives the burger an alien look that would leave even the boldest foodie feeling like Burger King has gone too far.

Fans are disappointed in Burger King Brazil's Barbie Combo

While some might look at Burger King's Pink Burger and think the fast food chain has taken its Barbie collab too far, others were actually hoping for something more flashy and outlandish. Beneath Burger King Brazil's Instagram post, followers expressed disappointment in the Barbie Combo. Many commenters wondered why the company didn't include brighter, pinker offerings. In particular, customers believed it could have done more with the fries or added a colored bun.

Burger King "missed the opportunity for the bread to be pink with edible glitter and with a B stamped on top of the bread, for the milk Shake cup to be collectible and not paper, for the potato to be with some pink sauce BK PROMISED EVERYTHING AND DELIVERED NOTHING," reads a translation of one comment. 

It's clear the Barbie Combo is a controversial release, but perhaps that's to be expected. After all, it's building on a much-anticipated blockbuster and an already-popular children's toy. Fans are coming to the table with expectations, and not all of them are easy to impress. At the very least, the Pink Donut Shake looks like a crowd-pleaser.