Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich Needs A Texas Twist

Grilled cheese is one of those foods that pretty much everyone likes. Perhaps it's because it's one of those nostalgic foods that makes you wish you were a kid again. Now that you're older, making your own grilled cheese sandwiches, you've probably learned that there are many possibilities to explore when it comes to customization.

Maybe you've tried various cheeses and added bacon or pesto. Maybe you've used artisan breads for a crispier sandwich, but have you tried using frozen Texas Toast with garlic? Game. Changer. Allrecipes shared the creation on TikTok with a very appropriate caption: "Grilled cheese will never be the same."

Although the instructions on the Texas Toast box say to place the bread in the oven, you can slap the slices directly on your frying pan for grilled cheese. No thawing required. And since the bread comes buttered, you don't have to add any, unless you want extra. Viewers applauded the idea, with some offering some additional ingredient and dipping condiment suggestions. You're probably thinking of your own right now, aren't you?

The customization options are endless

"This would be so good dipped in tomato soup!!" one person commented in the Allrecipes TikTok video on making a grilled cheese with Texas Toast. Another recommended adding pepperoni, while a third viewer suggested adding ham. And if you want to make it a breakfast sandwich, you can take one follower's advice and add a fried egg and bacon. By the way, if you're wondering about the cheese, the TikTok recipe uses provolone and mozzarella, but you can use any cheese you'd like.

The customization options for this Texas Toast grilled cheese sandwich are truly numerous. You can even add some shredded cheese to the slices before laying them down on the pan. This will give you soft, gooey cheese on the inside, and crispy cheese on the outside.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make your own Texas Toast. All you need is some extra thick sandwich bread (like sourdough), butter, vegetable oil, parsley, garlic, and salt. It won't taste exactly like the frozen kind, but it'll still get you a crispy, savory sandwich with that coveted ooey-gooey cheese.