Burger King's Real Meat Burger Is So Extra It Seems Fake

Burger King Thailand seems to be experimenting with how much of a single ingredient can fit on a bun. Earlier this month, Burger King Thailand took extra cheese a tad too far with its "Real Cheeseburger," which featured a whopping 20 slices. Now the chain is doing the same with meat. Burger King Thailand announced on Facebook that it's rolling out a "Real Meat Burger," which is sure to leave even the hungriest customer feeling stuffed. The "Real Meat Burger" contains three five-inch beef patties by default. Customers can then add as many more as they want for an additional charge. As Burger King's Facebook post put it, "Emphasize that you can really have it your way like this."

The post showcases photos of the Real Meat Burger, revealing what it looks like with different numbers of patties. The typical three-patty burger doesn't look too difficult to bite into. However, one has to wonder how anyone can fit a stack of six or more patties into their mouth — even if it doesn't come with vegetables, cheese, or other toppings. Still, some customers are taking on the challenge. The Real Meat Burger has already made its way onto social platforms, where patrons are trying out this meat beast.

Customers are taking advantage of the Real Meat Burger

Burger King Thailand's Real Meat Burger may seem excessive at first glance, but customers are taking advantage of the ability to stack up on beef. Multiple TikTok creators have posted themselves trying the chain's latest concoction, showing off huge burgers comprised of nothing but buns and meat. As expected, these are big of a challenge to finish as they are to bite into. When a person tries and fails to stretch their mouth around a five-patty sandwich, it really hammers home how daunting even a couple of extra patties can be, let alone a massive stack.


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If nothing else, these videos prove that people will buy almost any bizarre item Burger King adds to its menu. With the company recently joking about additions like the "Real Pickle Burger" and "Real Onion Burger" on Facebook, it's possible it will unleash more chaotic sandwiches this summer (as if Burger King Brazil's Barbie Burger wasn't wild enough). After all, the Real Cheeseburger and Real Meat Burger are selling — even if people might be trying them purely for the clout.