Gordon Ramsay Is Understandably Horrified By TikTok's Water Burgers

We've seen Gordon Ramsay freak out about quite a few things, from TikTok donut bread to an egg sandwich he called "a mess". But his reaction to a viral TikTok about water burgers might just be his most frantic yet. Ramsay recently posted his reaction to a video from the TikTok account "Josh & Momma," which showed how to cook a hamburger in...water. 

"Water #burgers are not ok," Ramsay captioned his reaction video, and his commentary is pretty priceless. "No such thing!" he cried as the cook announced that they were making water burgers. "What the hell are you doing?" he desperately questioned as the ground beef patties simmered away, before saying "Flush it down the toilet, quick!" when seeing the final product. It turns out, most of Ramsay's fans in the comments were in full agreement with the star chef's analysis of water burgers.

"I feel sick," wrote one person. Several people wrote that they had been hoping Ramsay would come across the video to give his opinion, and though some said that they'd made water burgers in the past — one person even claimed "My family loves them" — most were in agreement with Ramsay. "Please intervene and help," suggested one fan, perhaps hoping that Ramsay's experience on "Kitchen Nightmares" could help him change the water burger chef's ways, and maybe teach her Gordon Ramsay's burger recipe instead.

Should you ever boil burgers?

Is there ever a time when it does make sense to boil ground beef in water? Actually yes, depending on your goal. Boiling ground beef in water is one of the easiest ways to get very finely textured, rather than chunky, cooked ground beef. Some people prefer this texture for making things like ground beef tacos, and it's also easier to prepare large quantities of ground beef in this way than in a skillet. Some people also cook ground beef this way for health reasons, as much of the fat renders out of the meat and stays in the water after the meat is drained. 


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As for burgers, though, it seems like the only reason why people would cook them in water instead of oil is for health reasons because the consensus in the comment section at least makes it very clear that soft, watery, grey pucks of ground beef are not what most people are talking about when they say they want a burger. The only other type of water burger we found was a recipe that called for water to be added to ground beef before making a burger. Ideas in Food found that adding about 5-10% water to ground beef resulted in burgers that were juicy and browned easier. That sounds a lot better than the viral TikTok water burgers, but chances are most people would rather stick to a classic, like a simple mash burger recipe, instead.