Watermelon Fries Are The Fruity TikTok Trend We Didn't Know We Wanted

Watermelon is a lot of people's favorite refreshing fruit on a hot summer's day. But unless you're hosting a pool party, it can sometimes feel like an impossible feat to use up a whole melon once you've cut it open. Tupperwares full of watermelon cubes or slices do just fine, but what about a more exciting way to enjoy the fruit?

A TikTok trend shows a hack that just might change the way you eat watermelon and will have you going through it more quickly. In a simple stroke of creativity, TikTokers have been making watermelon "fries," with dipping sauces to match. In one such viral video, a creator started by cutting a watermelon with a crinkle cutter into fry-shaped sticks, arranging them on a platter. Lastly, they served the fruit fries alongside a homemade strawberry-yogurt dip. To make the dip, you can use fresh strawberries, plain or vanilla Greek yogurt, and honey (or any other optional sweetener), blending until pink and smooth.

The treat seems perfect for summer gatherings and afternoon snacks, with an appeal for kids and adults alike. It seems like an easy way to mix things up, with endless potential for variations and exciting flavor combos. Crinkle-cut watermelon fries might just be the beginning; though it's hard to imagine waffle-fry watermelon is doable, someone talented TikToker is probably already working on it. 

You can cut, serve, and dip the fries as you wish

Commenters on the video were thrilled by the creative way to enjoy the summertime-favorite fruit. "This is so cute!" one person wrote. "Beautiful," another commenter chimed in.


🍉Watermelon "Fries" with Easy Strawberry Yogurt Dip: So fun and refreshing! Blend plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with 3 to 4 strawberries (and optional honey or other sweetener to taste) then serve with sticks of watermelon. I used a crinkle cutter which you can buy on Amazon or any kitchen store. Make sure to refrigerate and serve chilled! Happy summer!! #momsoftiktok #watermelon #funfood #healthykidsfood

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One especially popular comment read: "My dip would be chamoy and tajin." It does seem like the Mexican pickled fruit sauce, which features a balanced blend of tang, sweetness, and spice, would complement the fresh, crisp juiciness of the watermelon fries. Another response suggested: "A little more lime mixed in and a lil Valentina," referring to the popular hot sauce brand. Other creators had their own twists on the watermelon fries. One TikToker sprinkled the fruit fries with salt before serving, while another served alongside a sweet lime dip.

You could also try the fries with whatever dip you can find or dream up, adding more tropical twists with citrus, mango, coconut, or passionfruit, or leaning into spice and savory with a cream cheese or crema sauce. You could also put a bold twist on the fries by grilling them, a proven way to bring out the flavors and textures of your watermelon. The concept can also be carried to other types of melon, and even other fruits like pineapple.