The Internet Can't Agree On The Best Way To Remove Eggs From The Carton

If you have never spared a moment to think about how you remove eggs from the carton in your life, you are not alone. No one really extends their hands towards a carton of eggs and goes, "Hmmm, interesting how I remove eggs from the right side of the carton and go all the way to the left edge." It's just one of those actions navigated by our subconscious, but believe it or not, people think there's a "right" way to pluck eggs out of cartons.

As unnecessary as it sounds, netizens have had hearty debates over the matter of egg removal from cartons. When a Twitter user asked how other users emptied their egg cartons, a number of people shared methods they deemed superior. "Right to left. My refrigerator door opens to the right. I hold the eggs with my left hand and take it in and out of the refrigerator. This allows the weight of the eggs to be in my hand instead away from my hand, reducing the chance of dropping the eggs," one user wrote. Ten points for resourcefulness.

Another person shared their hack, "Center out keeps carton more balanced. If I don't get them all used in time, sinkers right, floaters left. Confused? As eggs go bad they produce gas and thus float when placed in glass of water. Good eggs sink [to bottom]. Suspended in the middle? It's a gamble!" "Outside to the middle. So the weight is evenly distributed," a third user shared.

Let science decide

Yes, someone on the internet decided to use mathematics to deduce the best way to remove eggs from a carton. In a video, the YouTube channel MindYourDecision shared how there are three mathematically proven ways to remove eggs that ensure a harmonious weight distribution and a stable center. The first way is to remove eggs from the opposite corners of a carton and switch sides every time. That way, the carton will be balanced and you can easily grab the carton from the center. Another way is to remove eggs from only one side of the carton and grab the side that has eggs to move it.

The third way is a little complicated. You remove eggs from the opposite sides of the carton, but instead of starting from the far left and right corners, you remove eggs from the second compartment. For instance, in a 12-egg carton, if you remove an egg from the second compartment of the first row on the left side, you remove another egg from the second compartment of the second row on the right. Basically, you zig-zag your way through. It's a little too complicated, we know.

So there you have it. For the record, it's okay to remove eggs in a random order so long as the carton is static and you don't drop the eggs. It should be easy enough to accomplish if you use both your hands to hold the carton.