Aldi Sometimes Sells Odd-Shaped Produce – And That's A Good Thing

For more than 40 years, Aldi has been the place to go for discount products, often boasting lower prices than other grocery chains. In addition to featuring its own brands, Aldi also claims to bargain with suppliers for the best deals. Sometimes, that means taking products other stores might not want. 

On Reddit, a user who claims to be a former Aldi employee of two years explained one reason why produce runs at such low prices. "[It] had great programs where they would sell 'wonky' veg like potatoes and peppers that wouldn't go to the traditional shops, who only wanted perfectly shaped produce," the user wrote. "By doing so [the store] was able to sell [produce] for cheaper and massively reduce food waste."

Additional steps are also taken to slice the price of fruits and vegetables. For one, much of Aldi's produce comes in a package, so employees don't have to toss out spoiled items individually, and the store is able to operate with minimal scales. The cost of transport is also significantly smaller because Aldi sources its fruits and vegetables from local farms. But is the fruit at a high enough standard that low prices are a practical draw?

Does the food quality match the low price?

Sometimes, a low price isn't worth it if the product you're buying is in bad shape. Sadly, this just might be the case when considering the freshness of produce sold at Aldi. Apparently, fruits and veggies purchased from the store tend to go bad within days. Reddit users seem to agree, as one poster on the r/aldi subreddit claimed the produce at their local store is "hit or (mostly) miss." As one user commented, "Part of those low prices mean you have to be vigilant when buying produce."

Luckily, Aldi seems to be aware of its less-than-desirable produce. In 2017, the company announced plans to redesign its produce section, adding a refrigerator and moving it to a place with better temperature control. Still, according to Aldi's website, the store is reloaded daily with fresh produce, including a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables. Perhaps the best practice to ensure your fruit is fresh is to come in early to browse the newest selection.