The McDonald's Veggie Sandwich Hack That Isn't Just Fries And Salads

If you've found yourself strolling through McDonald's' golden arches a few too many times, then you might be yearning for an exciting twist to your usual menu picks. Fear not, for there lies a world of delicacies just waiting to be explored in McDonald's Secret Menu, where culinary magic and innovation collide. As glorious as the standard McDonald's menu may be, the Secret Menu unlocks a treasure trove of extraordinary masterpieces born from the audacious dreams of trailblazers who dared to transcend beyond the confines of the Big Mac. Behold, these are the McDonald's hacks you need to know to elevate your Maccies' dining escapades from mundane to mind-blowing!

While secret menus are synonymous with meaty, calorie-rich dishes like the McBrunch Burger, there are some secret vegetarian menu options that you can check out to start hacking today. One of these excellent hacks is the tantalizing McDonald's veggie sandwich delight, a symphony of flavor that uses two delectable hash browns instead of the ordinary vegan special fries and salads. To get this scrumptious veggie sandwich, simply order a Big Mac Meal minus the meat or cheese. Customize it by swapping those usual patties with two delicious hash browns tucked right in the middle for a crispy surprise bite. This McDonald's secret menu vegetarian hack is your ticket to breakfast brilliance even if you're not vegan.

But here's the real trick to this vegan sandwich

While Maccies' delicious hash browns rock the breakfast menu, unlike other all-day goodies, they usually vanish as the day rolls on. It's a limited-time magic that you can't have any time you crave. But here's the code to turn your sandwich into a masterpiece of potato-ey delight. Simply swoop into McDonald's just before 10.55 a.m., when breakfast is almost over and lunch is about to start, and ask for a hash brown in your burger. Easy peasy!

Feeling like the Maccies' crew won't budge on the rules? Fear not. We've got another slick trick up our sleeve! Bag yourself a hash brown right before breakfast bids farewell, and score a Big Mac meal right when lunchtime kicks in. The only catch? You'll be feasting at 10:55 a.m., which, let's admit, is quite a quirky mealtime. But hey, if you're recovering from last night's escapades, this might just be the perfect hour to rise and dine. So, what are you waiting for? Whether for breakfast or lunch, build this McDonald's vegan sandwich for an unforgettable dining experience that will blow your mind.