The International McFlurry Flavor We Wish Would Come To American McDonald's

McDonald's may have a distinctly American identity, but across the globe, the chain customizes its menus to fit each country where it operates. The reason McDonald's menus are different in other countries is pretty simple. The burger giant wants its food "to reflect different tastes and local traditions," according to the McDonald's website. While classics like the Big Mac are pretty much always on the menu, there are other items that Americans might never experience like the McDonald's Vietnam Matcha McFlurry that we wish was in the U.S. But that's not the only international McFlurry flavor that has many Americans drooling with jealousy. Great Britain has a new Lotus Biscoff McFlurry that sounds particularly exciting.

The Lotus Biscoff McFlurry has a classic vanilla soft serve ice cream base with swirls of caramel sauce and a topping of crushed Lotus Biscoff cookie pieces. For those not in the know, Biscoff cookies are crispy biscuits with a caramelized flavor (thanks to brown sugar syrup) and a bit of cinnamon. They're often served on airplanes and in cafes, and if Costco shoppers' reaction to the Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream Bars is anything to go by, the flavor of these cookies works well with ice cream. So is the McFlurry version any good?

Biscoff McFlurry reviews

Great Britain isn't the only country with Lotus Biscoff McFlurries on the menu. They're also served at McDonald's in the Czech Republic, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and France. While some have complained that the Biscoff McFlurry uses a generic caramel sauce rather than Lotus Biscoff Topping, most seemed to enjoy the McFlurry.

One YouTube reviewer from the U.K. praised the textural contrast between the crispy, caramelized Biscoff cookie pieces and the ice cream, saying, "That cinnamony, caramelly taste of the Biscoff is really nice." Another YouTuber said the biscuits had a "nice caramel flavor about them" and that "you can't go far wrong with a McFlurry." An Australian TikTok user tried the Biscoff McFlurry in the Czech Republic and rated it a 15/10. Other than the complaint about the caramel sauce not being Lotus Biscoff topping, most people seem to agree that the McDonald's Lotus Biscoff McFlurry is a hit, but for those in the U.S., you'll need a plane ticket to try one.