Once Popular '90s Drinks That People Sadly Stopped Drinking

When it comes to drinks, the '90s was an incredible and curiously experimental time. There are so many lively and gratifying beverages out there from this wondrous decade that we have no choice but to honor them all.

From beloved kiddie delights to beverages catered to grown-ups, we proudly present this fantastic lineup of unforgettable sips that will undoubtedly take you on a gleeful trip down memory lane. No drink was ever formulated the same, and marketers seemed to have a mind of their own for creating some of the most uniquely innovative and creative drinks we've ever laid eyes on. Not all the '90s drinks collected in this list are still available ... but some are.

Whether you're a former '90s kid, a grandparent, or simply someone who's curious, we invite you to join us on a totally rad blast to the past to review some of the most popular drinks that most people stopped drinking after the '90s. Cheers to reliving those moments.


Anyone remember Mondo? These handheld drinks came in a long vertical bottle that gave ample room for plenty of high-fructose-corn-syrup-filled juice packed with tons of controversial artificial colors and flavorings. Did we complain? Goodness, no.

Back in the '90s, kids flocked to this drink as it was similar to Squeezit but had its own little spin on fruity flavor that made it fun and unique. Those bottle tops could be darn hard to open for little hands, but the flavor payoff was well-worth it, wasn't it?

These days, Mondo still appears across several venues, including Walmart. The ingredients seem to have changed a bit, with package labels highlighting that the high fructose corn syrup that once graced the drink has now become sucralose. Unfortunately, most Mondo drinks aren't in stock at Walmart online as of this writing, which leads us to wonder whether this classically fruity grab has been discontinued, or is getting close to it, given its long run as an old-time kid favorite. Only time will tell, but either way, this sugary beverage will forever reign as one of our all-time favorite kid sips.


If you drank sugary, fruit-type drinks as a kid, you undoubtedly had a pack of Squeezits stashed somewhere in your fridge.

The box package featured a whimsical and amusing caricature sporting a big inviting smile with wide-stretched eyes and comically large teeth, playfully encouraging little ones to take a refreshing gulp. The ingredients in this drink were expectedly chock-full of high fructose corn syrup, but seriously, it was still totally amazing. Flavors included Chucklin' Cherry, Grumpy Grape, Silly Billy Strawberry, Berry B. Wild, and more. And let's not forget the clever "give" in the bottle that allowed us to squeeze out as much juice as our eager mouths could hold — a truly ingenious tactic that effortlessly captivated our attention.

And while Squeezits have disappeared, we found Kool-Aid Bursts on Walmart's digital shelves, meaning this generation of kids can still experience that same nostalgic fruity flavor us '90s kids still crave. Sweet, right?


Who didn't love Nesquik in the '90s? And who doesn't love it in the 2020s, for that matter? This old-school chocolate milk classic came in both powdered and liquid form, and boy was it delicious. This yummy drink is still around and features the same friendly brown rabbit on the package. It even comes in a few surprising flavors like Hot Fudge Sundae to boot. This typically chocolate liquid concoction actually comes in flavors besides chocolate, too, including Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, and Vanilla. We even found a Protein Power Nesquik packed with 23 grams of protein per serving.

We don't know about you, but it feels darn good to know we can still grab a glass of the same chocolate deliciousness that was available to us as kids. What's better is that we can offer it to future generations, as well. Best of all, it's made of real cocoa, free of artificial flavors, and provides a source of calcium and vitamins A and D.


When you hear the word "Fruitopia," what comes to mind? For us, it's high school and college vending machines stuffed full of these flavored beverages coming in wildly psychedelic-colored bottles. Yup, that's Fruitopia for you, and though it's rumored to still be for sale somewhere in Canada, we sure miss its wide availability here in the states.

As mentioned, Fruitopia came in a variety of fun flavors including Strawberry Passion Awareness, Tangerine Wavelength, and Fruit Integration, all of which helped us get through boring ol' high school English class. Still, we can't ignore the mashup of unsavory ingredients in this one, including the high fructose corn syrup that undoubtedly served its role in making the juice taste so wildly good. Nevertheless, Fruitopia also offered fruit juices in its drink, so at least you were getting something beneficial there. All in all, we miss this fruit-flavored cocktail in the U.S. vending machines, so much so that some have even petitioned for its comeback.

Sunny Delight

Okay, okay, apart from the story about the girl who turned yellow from drinking too much of the stuff — which, astoundingly, is not made up — you got to admit, Sunny Delight is a beverage lodged in our memories as tasting like happiness and sunshine. This cult-classic drink still exists today and can actually be found on many store shelves. Its appeal? Definitely the bold citrusy yet smooth flavor combination and the promise of 100% vitamin C that gets people super excited about purchasing "Sunny D."

Today, Sunny Delight comes in several flavors, although most of us '90s kids likely only remember it in its orange form. Take your pick from lemonade to blue raspberry and even a multitude of other tastes if you're lucky enough to find your local retailer carrying them.

Yes, they contain added sugar, but if it's nostalgia you're going for, Sunny Delight has you covered. While their popularity might have seen a decline, these delightful drinks are still around and going strong, proving that they're here to stay. So, whenever you come across one, be sure to grab it and enjoy every last drop.

Tahitian Treat

Soft and smooth fizz, a bright red hue, and tastily tropical flavor? That's right, you guessed it — it's got to be none other than Tahitian Treat. Also sometimes referred to as "Tahiti Treat," this lively and tropically flavored drink came slapped with a picture of the islands which allowed us to mentally slip away there at least once or twice. This quintessential drink shared some similarities with Hawaiian Punch, but it had that extra special touch of irresistible fizz that elevated the drinking experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Is it still around? It would appear so. You could be lucky enough to find it stocked nearby at a local gas station, but if not, you may be able to snag a pack from Amazon. No, it's not a healthy drink, but with its fun spin on fruit punch mixed with Sprite flavor, we're not sure we care.

SoBe Elixir

Now, onto something the adults might remember a bit more clearly, and that's the SoBe Elixir. It was originally conjured up in 1995 and remained a popular grab even a little past the '90s era. This unique blend of teas and herbal essences gave the drink a unique quality about it that certainly distinguished it from its competitors. From the use of real sugar without high fructose corn syrup to the addition of interesting body-loving ingredients like ginseng, SoBe Elixirs carved their own space in the beverage world, even if their stint of popularity didn't last long.

Sadly, despite its distinctness, we couldn't find SoBe drinks at retailers, or even on Amazon. Still, the SoBe website advertises their drinks as "regionally available," and though they weren't available in our neck of the woods, you might still be able to find them ... somewhere?

Snapple Elements

Sure, you can find Snapple on most retailer shelves, but what about Snapple Elements? In case you don't remember, Snapple Elements featured innovative flavors meant to mimic elements in nature. The original flavors showcased Earth, Rain, Sun, and Fire, along with others like Volcano, Velocity, and Voltage that came later. Velocity isn't really an element in nature per se, but bear with us. Each of them had its own distinct flavor intended to embody the essence of the element to which they paid tribute.

Believe it or not, you can find a few of these today from retailers like Amazon, though they'll likely look a bit different. Today's Snapple Elements sport a more modernized look very unlike the hippie vibe we got from the original '90s labels. Nevertheless, it's worth the sample, though we aren't too sure how today's Snapple Elements compare to the traditional version sold. Sometimes, it can be hard to duplicate what was so well done in the past but who knows? All you can do is take a sip and find out for yourself.

AriZona Tea

Remember AriZona tea? Of course you do. It's hard to forget something that's still on convenience store shelves, right?

That's right. As you're likely already aware, you can still find AriZona tea nearly anywhere, although we don't think this sweet grab is nearly as popular as it used to be. Nevertheless, this company — known for its amazingly large cans at a sweet value — is still kickin', with some retailers even selling their drinks by the gallon.

Want to know something that's even more amazing? Despite the many ills of price inflation in recent years, AriZona tea remains loyal, selling its enormously sized individual cans at its infamous .99 cent price tag. In fact, there are some retailers where you might even be able to snag a can for a little cheaper. And don't forget about all the fun tea flavors AriZona comes in. We know the Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is popular, but they also have Southern-Style Sweet Tea and Arnold Palmer Style mixes available.

We guess some things never change ... and for that, we're grateful.


Hi-C was definitely a craze in the '90s, and though it's still available now, it definitely doesn't have the same figurative addiction power as it once did. We bet you'll have to take a trip down memory lane to recall the last time you indulged in that Hi-C goodness from its iconic paper box. But we can confidently say that no matter how long ago it was, that moment must have been filled with pure delight. Hi-C has a magical way of making every sip darn delicious.

As mentioned, Hi-C can still be found on a variety of store shelves and even in Walmart superstores. As the name implies, these yummy kid-friendly drink boxes pack tons of vitamin C, though unsurprisingly, they also pack plenty of high fructose corn syrup. And since the recipe doesn't seem to have changed much, you can expect to receive virtually the same product as you did years ago, although there are a select few that seem to hold to the notion that the flavor's changed a bit.

Little Hug Fruit Barrels

Raise your hand if you had a Little Hug Fruit Barrel stashed in every single lunch you ever brought to school or summer camp? Yep, we're right there with you. Little Hug Fruit Barrels came in large packs for cheap, and despite their meager appearance, they were packed full of robust artificial fruity flavor — and we mean that only in the very best way.

Packaged literally in tiny clear barrels, what Little Hug Fruit Barrels lacked in exciting packaging was made up for with taste and fun colors. The cheap pricing combined with sugar-laden ingredients made this artificially flavored and artificially colored juice concoction a major win amongst the '90s youth. Today, you can still find Little Hug Barrels online sold by vendors that include Amazon and even Walmart. Can't you just picture yourself sitting in the living room with one of these, a bologna sandwich, and the theme song to Nickelodeon's "Guts" playing in the background?

Brisk Iced Tea

If you remember Brisk Iced Tea from the '90s, you've got to remember that classic "Rocky" commercial used to advertise it. "That's Brisk, baby!" became a popular slogan attached to this refreshing iced tea drink, and indeed, this old-school canned lemon iced tea was definitely an invigorating grab.

So, where is it now? Brisk iced tea is actually still on store shelves and has a variety of flavors you can choose from. The updated plastic bottle definitely looks more modern and has added lots of fun and funky flavors like Strawberry Melon, Blood Orange, and Fruit Punch to its roster. Of course, the original lemon variety is also hanging around, although whether it tastes the same as an original '90s-style can is a mystery to us. Still, if it's nostalgia you're looking for, this one is worth carting at the grocery store. You can even find the lemon flavor still nostalgically canned at Walmart.


Any true chocolate milk fan knows that if you want a delicious-tasting cocoa beverage, Yoo-Hoo is the one to grab. Like Nesquik, this chocolatey beverage was great for scratching that insatiable itch for chocolate milk, although it never came with the laundry list of vitamins and health benefits Nesquik purported to provide. Nevertheless, this silky cocoa milk was a fan favorite and is still sold not only in chocolate form but in a couple of other flavors, as well.

Choose from vanilla flavored Yoo-Hoo, strawberry, and even cookies and cream. Walmart seems to carry the original flavor in both canned form and individual milk cartons, though we're less certain that Walmart has the vanilla and cookies and cream flavors.

Doesn't it feel good to know you can still enjoy the luscious chocolatey flavor of Yoo-Hoo? According to fans of the modern product, it still tastes just as good as we remember. Delish.


If Tang doesn't evoke memories of the '90s, we don't know what will. This orange powdered drink mix was found in nearly every '90s cupboard, though, like so many other beverages on this list, it somehow ghosted the U.S. and hasn't quite been as popular since. No more are the days when you'll find funny and unique commercials featuring silly orangutans and kids enjoying a delicious cup of this sweet orange tincture. Nevertheless, you can still find it on certain store shelves, including Target, if you look hard enough.

As strange as it may seem, though Tang's popularity plummeted soon after the '90s, it still remains popular in some countries. Brazil, Argentina, and the Philippines are just a few countries that still slurp the stuff, and they have other fun flavors like pomelo and mango to enjoy, as well. Hey, at least we still get the original Tang on store shelves at some markets.


Mountain Dew remains a beloved favorite here in the U.S., but for some of you, there's another soda that holds equally great memories: Surge. This citrusy flavorful soda is known as a highly caffeinated soft drink and contains both caffeine and high fructose corn syrup to please your taste buds while giving you the advertised "surge" you need to kick off your day.

Apparently, this soda drink is still available to purchase, though through what vendors, we aren't quite sure. Everyone appears to be out of stock for the time being, and honestly, we totally understand. Still, we can't help but have a longing for the taste of this delightful grab from the past. It would be an immensely welcome change, albeit still sharing some similarities, from our regular lemon-lime Mountain Dew fix.

Say what you want, but Surge was truly a one-of-a-kind drink. If you're able to get your hands on it, consider yourself lucky.

Hawaiian Punch

Like Tahitian Treat but without all the fizz, Hawaiian Punch has got to be one of the most popular fruit punch beverages of all time. With its signature cartooned beach dude and tropical escape, we can't help but to reminisce on our childhood when we lay eyes on this one.

And the taste? Let's just say it's downright delicious. It tastes like tropical punch but is much sweeter with a special emphasis — seemingly on pineapple — that really suits our fancy. Back in the day, the Fruit Juicy Red variety was the most popular variety around, but since then, other flavors like Berry Blue Typhoon, Orange Ocean, and Green Berry Rush have stolen our hearts, as well.

Want to know what the best part is? You can still score these yummy flavors at your local retailer. We found them at Walmart as of the time of this publication for only a couple bucks in our area. That's totally rad news, if we do say so ourselves.

Clearly Canadian

There's almost nothing we can think of that can get quite as refreshing as an ice-cold bottle of Clearly Canadian from the '90s. No, this isn't a kids' drink, but kids could certainly take a swig and might even love it. This nostalgic drink doesn't contain any artificial flavors or colors and is composed mainly of water taken from Canadian springs. From there, it was carbonated and infused with natural fruit flavorings to make it a wonderfully pure and revitalizing drink.

Nevertheless, like nearly every popular drink created in the '90s, Clearly Canadian comes with a hefty dose of sugar. One bottle contains nearly your daily value of dose of the stuff, at a whopping 25 grams per bottle. So, while this drink tastes of delicious refreshment, you shouldn't be deceived into thinking this fizzy treat is sugar-free. Still, you can feel free to grab Clearly Canadian drinks still sold on Amazon and other locations as spotted across the U.S. Enjoy.