13 Hawaiian Punch Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

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In terms of brightly colored drinks, it's a safe assumption that we've all tried at least one fruity, sugary glass of Hawaiian Punch. This sweet drink was initially created in 1934, and at first, wasn't even intended to be a drink, but a syrup to top Ice cream. However, it soon developed into the fun punch that we know and love today, and has grown to offer various different juice flavors that we see in stores today. Even though this drink is by far from the most healthy choice of punch, we still love to treat ourselves to a nice, icy drink of Hawaiian punch from time to time.

With 13 different options at one's disposal, it might seem like a heavy task to figure out which flavor will take you back to your best friend's birthday party, or when your parents treated you after you completed your homework for the afternoon. We've put together a list of all the Hawaiian Punch flavors that are currently offered by the brand, and ranked them from worst to best. If you're struggling to select a fruit punch, then we have your back. By the end of this list, you should be able to select your favorite flavor of this fruity beverage and kick back with a glass of your favorite fruit punch.

13. White Water Wave

Coconut on it's own is a controversial fruit. While coconuts are super healthy with many nutritional benefits, many deflate when they see coconut shavings on a cake or on a Hostess treat, while other people wouldn't have it any other way. On the other hand, coconut beverages such as coconut water and cocktails are growing in popularity, and many coffee lovers even prefer coconut milk in their drink instead of half and half. When it comes to coconut drinks, even Hawaiian Punch has something to offer, which is their White Water Wave Juice. This white juice is branded with coconut, pears, and pineapple on the graphic, and can be described as having a coconut and pineapple flavoring.

This chilly coconut drink was not the tropical beverage we desired. It had a strong artificial taste, and the white, foggy color of the punch was not as appealing as the other bright colors Hawaiian Punch makes. Shoppers at Walmart also don't really enjoy this flavor of punch, with the drink only having 3.8 stars on the website. Reviews for this product also express their disappointment in the taste, with one review stating that the drink "tasted like cough syrup." Of all the Hawaiian Punch flavors out there, this is a drink that we would recommend you avoid entirely.

12. Berry Bonkers

When you see a purple juice, your first assumption may be that it is some sort of grape juice. Don't worry, we thought the same thing when we first laid eyes on Hawaiian Punch's Berry Bonkers punch. Even though the liquid itself is a dark blue color that could be mistaken for purple, the fruits displayed on the graphic don't show any grape, and instead, strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates, and raspberries. It's also the only purple juice Hawaiian Punch sells, so there's no way you could mistake this for an existing flavor — only a nonexistent grape punch.

Even though we didn't know what to expect with this purple flavor, we weren't surprised to be hit by an overwhelming taste of sugar on our tongues. The berry was outmatched by the sweetness of the beverage, so it was difficult to find any flavor in this drink. Walmart reviews for this product agree with this sentiment, with one buyer saying that they "got this for my son, it's very sweet and it leaves his teeth and mouth purple." Of all the punch flavors Hawaiian Punch has to offer, we suggest staying clear of this purple drink.

11. Lemon Lime Splash

Lemon and lime is a difficult fruit combination for a drink to effectively master. Both are tangy, sweet yet sour, and make your lips pucker when you try to eat them. While lemon-lime is a decent flavor for a soda, does it make for a good fruit punch? Hawaiian Punch's Lemon Lime Splash answers that question for us. This drink is a green color quite similar to another Hawaiian Punch flavor, and shows off lemons and limes on the front of a gallon of the juice. Lemon Lime Splash can be purchased by the gallon at Walmart, and is shown to be almost five dollars.

When we said it's difficult to find a good lemon-lime drink, we meant it. This fruit punch flavor left a strange aftertaste with every sip, and didn't at all taste like a Sprite or classic 7UP. It tasted worse. This flavor is also one of the less popular Hawaiian punches, with no reviews on Amazon, and only 7 positive reviews on the Walmart website. While we love a good lemon-lime cocktail or soda, we suggest you leave this lemon-lime fruit punch alone, and try some of the other drinks Hawaiian Punch has to offer.

10. Hawaiian Punch Lemonade

In the summer or spring, who doesn't love to come across a small stand, and order a cup of ice-cold lemonade? While lemons themselves have a sour tang, when used in most drinks or desserts, that tanginess is paired with something sweet and makes for a thirst-quenching, incredible drink. Hawaiian Punch also carries a lemonade drink, simply titled "Hawaiian Punch Lemonade." Unlike other Hawaiian Punch drinks, this is the only punch that is a sunny yellow color, much bolder than your typical lemonade. The graphic labeling on the front of a gallon also shows lemons as being the prime flavor of this drink.

Lemonade is a difficult beverage to get wrong. Fortunately, this is the same for lemonade-flavored drinks (confusing, right?) Hawaiian Punch Lemonade seems to draw that line, with reviews for the product being mixed across several online websites. A few reviews from Walmart claim that the drink takes them back to their childhood, while an Amazon review describes the punch's taste as "a lemonade soda, without the soda, but with a bit of a metallic taste to it." If you want a glass of lemonade, then we might suggest you skip this drink, and go for the real deal.

9. Mango Monsoon

How can you manage to go wrong with mango? It's perfect for mango pudding, mango cake, and fruity mango drinks, such as Hawaiian Punch's Mango Monsoon drink. Like many other Hawaiian Punch flavors, this orange-colored beverage is easy to mix up with another, which in this case, is Orange Ocean. What makes this drink different from it's Orange flavored counterpart is its mango taste, along with the oranges, apples, and pineapples on the front graphic. Even though the idea of a mango juice isn't as fresh as mango salsa, did this flavor still manage to stand up against our critical punch expectations?

When it comes to our mango craze, this Hawaiian Punch flavor was decent enough in quenching our desires for a taste of this fruit. Even though there is no real mango in the drink, it still had a very tropical flavor, which is also something we were looking for with this. While we wished the mango flavor was more prevalent, this was still an alright enough juice. Reviews on Walmart, however, are quite mixed. Some shoppers claim that Mango Monsoon is one of the best Hawaiian Punch flavors, while others argue that the drink is like "Liquid torture," at worst. This drink will likely be a hit or miss with you, whether or not you are a fan of mangoes won't really be a problem.

8. Lemon Berry Squeeze

Strawberry and lemons are another common fruit combination you'll find in baking, cooking, and beverages of all sorts. Hawaiian Punch has three total drinks that feature lemon as a prominent fruit on the logo. Of these is Lemon Berry Squeeze, which shows both lemons and strawberries on the front graphic, and is a deep red color that can easily be mistaken for one of Hawaiian Punch's more popular flavors. This item is listed as having both artificial and natural lemon and berry flavors, and 10 grams of sugar, which is five less than Hawaiian Punch's most sugary flavors.

Despite often being mistaken for a different flavor, Lemon Berry Squeeze has received a more positive reception than other Hawaiian Punch drinks. The lemon and strawberry flavoring gives the drink a somewhat tangy, but also sweet taste, though not as sweet as other flavors, which, depending on how sugary you prefer your punch, could be a plus. Reviews on Amazon are surprisingly in support of this flavor, with one reviewer putting it simply, "I always liked any of the red color Hawaiian Punch."

7. Juicy Fruit Red Light

Hawaiian Punch flavors such as Blue Typhoon and Fruit Juicy Red, as the brand names suggest, really pack a punch with their powerful flavor. While there are some lighter Hawaiian punch options, such as Polar Blast and Green Berry Rush, most of the beverages have a total of 15 grams of sugar per serving, at least. While it's okay for some people to enjoy a sugary drink from time to time, it's nice to be able to drink one of your favorite beverages without the guilt of practically drinking a large spoonful of sugar. This is where Hawaiian Punch's Fruit Juicy Red Light arrives.

This punch looks exactly like the original Juicy Red, if not a little lighter in color. The only huge difference between the packaging is the word "LIGHT" in bright letters, so keep an eye out for that if you're looking for this drink. Juicy Fruit Light tasted a lot like Juicy Fruit Red, all with just a single gram of sugar. Although the flavor wasn't as prevalent, and it tasted a little more watery, many Amazon reviewers adore this drink, and are appreciative of a lower sugar option. They do muse that this Hawaiian punch choice is a lot more pricey and difficult to come by in stores.

6. Berry Limeade Blast

The first of several red fruit drinks that Hawaiian has to offer, Berry Limeade Blast is a punch that gets the short end of a stick when it comes to all of the punch flavors the brand has to offer. Often mistaken for one of the other two red Hawaiian Punch drinks that is sold, Berry Limeade Blast is the same bold red, but displays limes and strawberries on its front graphic. Because of its likeness to other punch's, this fruity beverage is often left unnoticed to the eyes of a consumer browsing all of Hawaiian Punches' flavors.

This is rather unfortunate because Berry Limeade Blast proves that all of Hawaiian Punch's red drinks taste great. This list of concentrated juices in this drink doesn't differentiate much, and usually includes apple, pineapple, passionfruit, and orange fruit juices mixed with other natural and artificial flavoring. The drink itself isn't as sweet as its other red counterparts thanks to the limeade flavor, and reviews for Berry Limeade Blast on Walmart say that "You'll have more than one cup after a sip." Though it may seem like a challenge to try out all of Hawaiian Punch's good flavors, we highly recommend that you try out Berry Limeade Blast.

5. Orange Ocean Juice

When you wake up in the morning, if you aren't having coffee or a fruit smoothie, then you're having some milk or a fresh glass of orange juice. Orange is a popular flavor in almost every department from desserts like orange sherbet to dinner options such as orange chicken. No matter what kind of food or drink, there always seems to be something orange-flavored, and for Hawaiian Punch, there's Orange Ocean Juice. This punch is similar to Mango Monsoon in color, though is shown with sliced oranges and pineapple on the gallon's graphic.

Between the two orange-colored drinks it has to offer, Orange Ocean was the superior beverage. Despite its lack of any real oranges, it has a nice citrus-y taste, and tasted similar to orange juice, if not a bit more artificial and sweeter. Shoppers at Walmart have had an overly positive reception of this punch, with the drink having a 4.8/5 star rating on the website. Reviews for Orange Ocean are also in support of this flavor, with one review claiming that it tastes similar to a Hi-C Orange from McDonald's. They go on to claim that "The taste is comparable and it's one of the least expensive fruit flavored drinks in its class." If you like orange juice, or you're a fan of orange-flavored beverages, then this drink is right up your alley.

4. Green Berry Rush

When you think of a green fruit, the first fruits that come to mind are likely watermelons, green grapes, and kiwis. This next entry should be other than Hawaiian Punch's Green Berry Rush. This flavor sports a color that's extremely similar to its Lemon Lime counterpart, so make sure to pay attention to the labeling, because the difference in flavor is extremely noticeable. The graphic shows kiwi and strawberries,  and the drink is purportedly made from the flavoring of these fruits. Strawberries aren't known for being a green berry (besides the stem,) though a strawberry-kiwi pairing isn't anything new. It may remind you of a certain Capri Sun flavor named after the two fruits, which you may recall having after a soccer match, or in your lunch bag.

While it doesn't have as much sugar as flavors such as Mango Monsoon and Lemonade (and this might be a good thing,) Green Berry Rush is still pretty sweet, and has a nice light taste compared to other flavors. Reviews on Amazon are pretty supportive of this flavor, with some being relieved to find another delicious flavor after always drinking another, or describing the flavor as tasting like "Green" (okay?). Even though this wouldn't be our number one choice of a Hawaiian Punch flavor, we still recommend that you try this kiwi-colored drink if you want something a little different, and completely refreshing.

3. Berry Blue Typhoon

When a drink's name is "blue," and not something like cherry or apple juice, you might be pressed to wonder what the color blue tastes like. While some of the Hawaiian Punch flavors state that they are a specific fruit flavor on the front, this next drink is one of the few that doesn't do so. Hawaiian Punch's Berry Blue Typhoon was like many Gatorade drinks in that we wondered what the flavor would be before trying it out. The color of the drink is a deep blue (obviously,) much bolder and darker than the Polar Blast flavor, which is also on this list.

Even though it was difficult to pinpoint what exactly this "blue" tasted like, this berry drink was berry good, with a cool bold flavor that we can only really describe as blue. It tasted somewhat similar to the Fruit Juicy Red flavor, so it really can only be described either as Blue or delicious. Walmart reviews back this up, with one claiming that "We love the berry typhoon! The kids always say it's a big hit at their parties." The only reason this isn't at number one is because of the existence of the number one drink. If you want a drink that is blue, but won't leave you feeling blue, Berry Blue Typhoon is your punch.

2. Polar Blast

When you see an icy blue-colored drink, your first thoughts might turn to Gatorade's Frost Glacier Freeze (Yes, it's not just called the "light blue" flavor.) While this may not be the most popular blue juice, Hawaiian Punch's Polar Blast Juice is just as frosty, just as fruity, and just as delicious. This blue beverage's covering displays oranges and raspberries. Like all other Hawaiian Punch flavors, it is made with natural fruit juices and purees. The color of this drink might be mixed up with Berry Blue Typhoon, though it's much easier to differentiate thanks to its far lighter blue color.

While oranges don't necessarily scream "polar," we can assure you that this flavor sent chills down our spines with how good it was. No one flavor was too overbearing, and its sweet, fruit-flavoring left our mouths completely quenched after downing an entire cup. Reviews for this product can be found on Walmart's website, and agree that Polar Blast "is another tasty juice that's good and goes well with any food." Many reviewers also love to mix this flavor with other beverages, such as Sprite, and claim it's perfect for parties of any sort. This Hawaiian Punch definitely made us feel like there was a party in our cups, and we recommend this to anyone who wants a brilliant blue fruit juice.

1. Fruit Juicy Red

At the number one spot, we have Hawaiian Punch's Fruit Juicy Red flavor. This is one of the brand's most well-known flavors, with its deep red color being indisputably iconic among Hawaiian Punch fans. While Lemon Berry Squeeze is a lighter red, Fruit Juicy Red is a bolder, darker color. The graphic on the cover of the juice also displays fruits such as pineapples, oranges, apples, and other fruits. By looking at the ingredients, you'll also find that Fruit Juicy Red is made with a passionfruit concentrated juice as well as apricot, papaya, and guava fruit purees. With 16 servings in a single gallon, these bottles are the most recognizable and delicious of all the Hawaiian Punch flavors.

When looking for a tasty fruit punch it's impossible to go wrong with Fruit Juicy Red. There's a good reason this flavor is one of the most popular out there, if not for its memorable color, then its unforgettable taste. This flavor is just as fruity and fresh as all the others, and a wonderful blend of all of the fruit juices. Reviews on Amazon are almost entirely supportive, with the flavor having 4.7/5 stars. Some reviewers reminisce that the drink "reminds them of their childhood," while other reviews claim that this juice is "the best tasting juice out there."