Ree Drummond Gives An Update On How Her Husband Is Healing After Farm Accident - Exclusive

Life on a farm can be tough, which Ree Drummond knows firsthand. The Oklahoma native and her husband, Ladd Drummond, have a cattle ranch that requires very early mornings and long days. However, the Pioneer Woman revealed in her blog that she was shocked when she learned that her partner had broken his neck in two places while trying to put out a fire in 2021. Ladd and her nephew, Caleb Drummond, were both driving separate fire trucks to put out nearby flames, and because visibility was low, they had a head-on collision with each other.

"[Ladd] called me on his way [to the hospital] and tried to explain what happened, at which time I promptly lost all feeling in my knees before running out the door and heading to town," Ree admitted.

Thankfully, with surgery, a neck brace, and time, he was able to properly heal. However, the cookbook author recounted last year in an Instagram video that her beloved cowboy had then been run over by a cow, and she revealed a huge hole in his shirt and a gash on his back. While promoting her new cookware line with Walmart, Ree told us in an exclusive interview that she's learned to put these types of scrapes into perspective.

They know that the cattle ranch is an 'injury-rich environment'

Ree Drummond said that despite how bad the cut on Ladd's back looked after the cow ran him over, he's doing great, and it's relatively standard at this point. "The bright side is that after breaking his neck in 2021 and having surgery, any other bruise, cut, ache, or pain seems minor in comparison," she explained. 

The "Big Bad Budget Battle" host also noted that while the farm can be an injury-prone place, her husband has a lot of experience doing it. "Fortunately, Ladd and his brother generally avoid serious injuries since they've been doing this since they were little," Ree said. "The biggest ache and pain these days is just due to wear and tear ... and age. I can say that because I'm two weeks older than Ladd."

Now that summer is winding down, she told us that she's hoping they'll have more time to relax. "Ladd's summer schedule on the ranch has been wild — the past two months, he's been getting up at 3:45 a.m. several mornings a week," she revealed. "What I'm most looking forward to is settling into the pace of fall, and using my cookware to cook my favorite fall and holiday foods and create, test, and taste some new ones."

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