Sonic's Ocean Water Has Layers Of Flavor

With offerings such as hot dogs, burgers, chili cheese tots, popcorn chicken, bacon burritos, and more, Sonic is arguably, the reigning king of drive-in comfort foods. However, the fast-food chain also excels when it comes to inventive beverages. Besides shakes and Sonic Blasts, there is a vast selection of slushes, lemonades, limeades, and soft drinks. One of the top must-try options is the company's colorful and refreshing Ocean Water.

Despite the popular beverage being a vibrant blue and coming in a cup filled with the company's trademark crushed ice (the ice is first shaved, then compacted to give it a unique texture), it's the multiple layers of flavor that make drinking Ocean Water such a rewarding experience. And best of all, just like nearly every other item on Sonic's extensive menu, Ocean Water is fully customizable, so the customer can create their own signature blend of this satiating belly washer.

How Sonic's Ocean Water is made

According to Sonic, the basic ingredients of its Ocean Water are blue coconut flavor, ice, and Sprite. You can go easy on the coconut and ice or have extra, but that is only scratching the surface of this multi-layered tongue tease. Once you have the base, you can add a variety of flavors, ranging from cranberry to sweet cream, to give your drink a distinctive splash of uniqueness. Alternatively, you can use sugar-free add-ins if you don't want the extra calories.

For toppers, Sonic has cherries, lemon, lime, or strawberries. If you want to go all out, consider sprinkling in a texture-enhancing serving of Nerds. This gives your Ocean Water a satisfying crunch.

If you like to DIY, you only need six ingredients to mimic Sonic's Ocean Water: water, sugar, coconut extract, blue food coloring, lemon-lime soda, and ice. Mix equal parts of water and sugar (3 tablespoons each), microwave for about 45 seconds, and stir. After cooling, mix in a teaspoon of extract, a couple of drops of food coloring, and a can of soda, and pour over ice. If you want to get the additional layers of flavor that Sonic offers, consider adding your favorite fruit or flavored syrup.