Peru's Loaded McDonald's Fries Give In-N-Out's A Run For Their Money

Salty, slightly sweet, and best when served piping hot, there's something about McDonald's fries that just hits different. To give you an idea of just how popular this fan-favorite starchy side really is, out of all its menu items, the chain's crispy fries hold the title of McDonald's top bestseller. When compared to other fast food hotspots, 40% of Americans say the Golden Arch's fry recipe is leagues ahead in terms of flavor, according to a Mashed survey. Others, like In-N-Out, might not win the popularity contest for its plain fries, but offers its unique animal-style fries, slathered in signature sauce, caramelized onions, and melted cheese. For those who wish McDonald's had similar fries drenched in a saucy topping, it does exist, but you'll have to break out the passport to try them.

At McDonald's locations in other countries like Peru, the chain features its own saucy fry topping that elevates this menu staple to a whole new level of flavor. At first glance, they look like they're smothered in gravy, similar to Canada's poutine. However, it isn't gravy that these Peruvian McDonald's fries are drowning in, but something with a bit more smolder to it. One TikTok creator tried them for herself and rated them a solid 10 out of 10, so we are more than a little intrigued as to what sauce could make them so drool-worthy. She compares it to a smoky-tasting Big Mac sauce, but commenters say the fry sauce is from a discontinued U.S. McDonald's burger.

Peru's McDonald's puts Big Tasty sauce on its fries

Those who remember McDonald's Big N' Tasty burger might choke back a tear that the menu item was discontinued in 2011. A similar sandwich is sold at certain international locations, dropping the "n" and simply called the Big Tasty. Americans can't buy this McDonald's burger any longer, its signature sauce, however, lives on. The fast food chain has Big Tasty sauce listed on its website, which is seasoned with black pepper, onion powder, and natural smoke. After trying the Peruvian version of McDonald's fries, reminiscent of In-N-Out's animal-style fries, travelers on social media are praising the saucy potatoes for their smoky flavor. Based on the condiment's description and its being called Papas McTasty, some fans from Peru are quick to comment, "Big Tasty sauce, that's why they have the name for those chips."

Along with its crispy pollo crujiente (fried chicken) and dulce de leche sundae, you can even try the country's national soda, Inca Kola, a bubblegum-tasting soft drink invented in Peru in the 30s. If you can't get your hands on Big Tasty sauce to level up your fries the same way, you could always hack the menu and try concocting your own using McDonald's Big Mac sauce with BBQ sauce mixed in. You'll have to do some taste testing to get the ratio right, as Big Mac sauce is known for its tangy flavor, often compared to Thousand Island Dressing